Traditional Christian Christmas Nativity Scene of baby Jesus in the manger with Mary and Joseph in silhouette surrounded by the animals and wise men in the distance with the city of Bethlehem

Year 1 had the exciting job of leading the nativity story! We invited all our families and it was amazing to them there for our big moment. We were able to choose the role that we wanted from being a donkey all the way to being angel!
We loved preparing this performance with some songs which we loved singing. One of our favourites was baa baa Bethlehem which made us feel happy and ready for the festive season!

Hi my name is Andrew and I played the role of Angel Gabriel which was AMAZING! One of my lines was “rejoice I bring you good news!”.

Hi my name is Elizabeth and I played the role of an Angel which I loved and I felt very special! One of my lines was “saviour of the world!”.

We would like to help you prepare for Christmas by listening to this song.

This song we really like because it makes us feel special and loved.

We wish you a Merry Christmas from all in year 1!

Andrew and Elizabeth

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