Year 2 English Homework W/C 4th January

Hello Year 2!

Here is the poem we are learning this week:

If you had a magic box, what would you put in it?

Your task is to tell me three things you would put in your magic box.

To challenge yourself, use powerful adjectives and make sure you check your spelling carefully.

Use this sentence stem:

In my magic box I will put ___________, _____________ and ____________.


  1. In my magic box I will put a mouth-watering mint ice cream, a happy/scary scream from frightening rollercoaster and jumping through tremendous waves.

    • Wow Casper! Super ideas! Let’s change your last item in the list to a feeling (a noun) so we would write “and the feeling of jumping through waves.”

  2. Hello Maria has logged into Microsoft Teams,but appears as year R.We can’t find any file . Could you please advise,thank you

    • Hi Maria, Mrs Piper is just editing your year group details. If you look to the left of your Teams screen, there is an icon of three people with ‘Tams’ underneath. Make sure you have clicked on this and clicked on the ‘Year 2 2020-2021’ team, then you should be able to find the files section at the top of your screen.
      I hope this works! Let me know if you need any more help.
      Miss Cotter πŸ™‚

    • Well done- Maria! Excellent use of adjectives. Is there a better adjective you could use to describe your chocolate milkshake? What about ‘delicious’?

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