Year 2: Home Learning for Week Commencing 27th April 2020

Hello Year 2!

I’m still missing you lots and lots!

I’m posting your home-learning on this blog page because our Home-Learning page is getting very busy. If you’re ever stuck for something to do, please look at our home-learning page because I have posted lots of websites you might like to go on and there are previous activities you might like to try.

Here are your Maths Activities for this week:

Monday Compare Length Answers Wednesday Four Operations Wednesday Answers Four Operations Tuesday Order Lengths Tuesday Answers Order Lengths Thursday Problem Solving Thursday Problem Solving Answers Ruby Task Four Operations Linked to Length Ruby Ordering Lengths Task Monday Compare Lengths Monday Compare Length Answers

Year 2 Maths WC 27th April 2020


Here are your English Activities for this week:

Chapter 2 and 3 FMF      FMF Reading and Writing Activities Week 2


Here are your Wider Curriciulum Tasks:


As always, please do contact me if you need anything.

I know some of you have had trouble logging onto our new online library. I have posted another blog with more information about it if you are struggling to log on. Let me know if you still can’t log on.

I hope you have a wonderful week. Keep smiling and shining.

I am very proud of you.

Miss Cotter 🙂


  1. Hi Miss Cotter. Like your video about absorbent & waterproof materials. Also could I have a neew book to read please. Have a good day !! Leon.

    • Hello Leon!

      Thank you very much – I’m glad you liked it!

      Of course! I set you two new books yesterday and another 2 today. I see you’re getting really high scores on the quizzes so I’ve set you two trickier books today. I’ll set you some more books next week too. If you need an extra challenge, remember the ‘after reading’ activities that you can find in the ‘cover and teaching notes’ section.

      Have a lovely day,
      Miss Cotter 🙂

    • Hello Alexander!
      How are you?
      You can find chapters 2 and 3 on the blog post I made for this week’s home learning. Hover over ‘class blogs’ at the top, then go to Year 2, then click on ‘Year 2 blog’. You will find the blog post if you scroll down a little bit. It’s a red link that says ‘Chapter 2 and 3 of FMF’.
      I’ll ask Mrs Shakh to email it to your Mum just in case too.
      Take care,
      Miss Cotter x

  2. Hi Miss Cotter
    Thank you for the work packs you have sent me. I’ve been talking to Josie and Rhian on facetime but I am missing everyone, especially you! what are you doing this week? I have been for a walk at Ruddington park, played in the garden and I am also learning Spanish with my aunty lu-lar. I hope you are ok as well 🙂

    • Hello Sienna!

      It’s so lovely to hear from you! You are very welcome. Let me know if you need any help with any of your learning.
      I’m glad you are staying in contact with Josie and Rhian; tell them I say hello! I am missing you all very much.
      A walk to Ruddington park sounds lovely. How exciting that you are learning Spanish with your aunty! Please teach me some when we are back in school. 🙂 I am also going to go on a walk today and I am going to facetime my nephew later (Baby George). I have to blow lots of raspberries at my phone!

      I hope you, Reid and Mum are all well too! Enjoy your afternoon.
      Take care,
      Miss Cotter x

  3. That sounds like a fun day, make sure to take your sun glasses with you on your walk because it is very sunny outside today.
    Speak to you soon from Sienna 🙂

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