Year 2 Home-Learning Heroes!

This is the place where we will celebrate all your wonderful achievements! Please email your work to me through the office if you would like your work to be celebrated on the blog. I LOVE to hear from you and see how you are getting on at home.

Keep smiling Year 2! You’re doing brilliantly!

A beautiful picture Isabella!

Brilliant sentences from Daniela that include our words of the week!
Mia has been exploring money AND times tables! Wow!

Look at Dominic’s brilliant poem! (I also love the wink!)
Zachary and Jacob are working very hard at home! Well done!
Read Isabella’s wonderful ‘Magic Box’ poem. What brilliant ideas!
Isabella made up her own game and tested herself on her number bonds to 10 with a timer.
This is Chef Mia making some pancakes!

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