Year 2 Home-Learning W/C 15th June

Hello Year 2! How are you? I hope you had a lovely weekend.

Begin this week by looking at some of the wonderful work that you or your peers did last week.

Next, you could watch our weekly assembly video!–oHweAA

Now let’s take a look at your learning for this week….

Remember, these are flexible suggested activities that do not need to be followed rigidly. Choose the activities that will work for you and your family at home.


Non-Fiction Information Texts About Foxes


Here are your lessons, extra challenges and your new Knowledge Organiser:





Look at the lesson plans for ideas for ‘free-choice Friday’!

Wider Curriculum

Here is the video for your RE lesson this week:

Remember , if you need something different to the activities suggested above, here are some ideas:

  • Complete the activities assigned to you on the Education City website! Mrs Shakh has emailed you your logins and I have set you some English, Maths and Science activities to try under the ‘homework’ section. I hope you have fun! 
  • You have reading books assigned to you on the new Rising Stars Reading Planet Online Library.  Mrs Shakh has emailed your logins to your adults at home.
  • You can log on to Mathletics or TTRS any time to top up your Maths knowledge. 
  • There are lots of other games and websites for you to try on our home-learning page. 
  • Find somewhere quiet and practise your handwriting. This is the perfect time to develop your handwriting style. 
  • Joe Wicks has a workout at 9am every day – the Youtube link is on your Wider Curriculum document. 
  • Try this Liturgy created by the Year 6 team:
  • Here is an extra pack of Maths and English worksheets that you might like to try independently:
  • Here are some Mindfulness colouring sheets that you might like when you need some time to clear your mind and feel calm.

Good luck with all your activities at home. Keep shining.

Miss Cotter 🙂

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