Year 2 Home-School Learning

Welcome to the Year 2 BRW Home-School Learning Page

Hello Year 2!

Welcome to our home-learning page!

The blog is our way to stay in contact and I can’t wait to hear about all your learning successes at home (I’m missing your faces at school already)!


Every day you should try to do some of the following:

  • Exercise – take part in the Joe Wicks’ morning workout. He will upload a video at 9am each day on his Youtube channel. Get moving and get your heart pumping!
  • Reading! As Dr Seuss said, “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” Read as many exciting and interesting books as you can.
  • Handwriting – practise your letters in your new handwriting books.
  • Number Facts – Log onto Mathletics / Times Table Rockstars / for at least ten minutes every day.
  • English and Maths – complete some of the Reading/ SPaG / Maths booklets that you have been provided with in your packs.
  • RE – complete a little of your formal write up each day. I can’t wait to see your final pieces! You should be really proud of all the hard work you put into explanation text.

Try to do a few minutes of each activity each day. If you get stuck or overwhelmed, take a few minutes to draw a picture, do some colouring or watch your happy video on the blog! Contact me on here if you need any help!

Here is a picture to remind you of our letter-joins.

If you would like to practise a variety of spellings, here are the spelling lists you would have been given for the rest of the Spring Term (click on the picture below).


If you have time, here are some ideas for learning activities during W/C Monday 23rd March:


Look around your house and investigate what is the most popular material for objects to be made of. Create a tally chart to record your findings (like we did in school – see below). 

Post your findings on our page!


Watch the videos on this webpage: Create a poster/ fact file all about Africa!

(You could also teach the continents song to your family – – I can’t stop singing it!)


Watch this video:

Write a recount of the rescue as if you were Grace Darling or her father. What was it like setting sail in your little wooden rowing boat? How did you manage to avoid the rocks? What did the survivors say to you? How did it feel when you returned to the lighthouse?


Just like William Morris, be inspired by nature. Look through your window and create some art work inspired by the nature around you.

Extra activities you might like to try for w/c 30th March:

Science Experiments:

Paper Hovercrafts:

Below is a website that links you to lots of fun science experiments to try at home. I know you might have limited resources at the moment so the one I have linked just needs paper in order to work…it’s creating special hovercrafts!


Why don’t you try some food technology this week? Any baking is also really useful for testing out your mathematical skills (weighing ingredients and reading scales is checking your mathetical understanding).

Before you start your cooking or baking, think about what you want to achieve. Who will be eating your food? What are their favourite flavours? What will you need to include? This is the planning process.

Here is a Banana Cake recipe. I’ve chosen this because it’s one of my favourite things to make (I love mashing the bananas!) but you could choose something different. What’s your favourite food to cook or bake?

After you have made and tasted your creation, evaluate your product. What did you like about it? What could be improved? This will make sure that you are a chef or baker who continues to improve their designs and make even tastier delights!

 Enjoy! Please let me know what you get up to – I love hearing about your achievements at home! 


Here is the website for your coding that you do with Mrs Piper on a Monday afternoon!

Your logins are in your diaries. Good luck!

Other useful websites you might like to go on:


This website provides lessons along with videos to help you to learn in the way we would do at school! You’ll probably notice the challenges are similar to ones you might complete on your Left Hand Page!



Remember the most important thing is to stay safe and look after those around you. Wash your hands regularly and catch those coughs and sneezes in a tissue!

Good luck with all your home-learning! You are all so clever, brave, funny and kind – you can do this!

Miss Cotter 🙂