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  1. Hi charlie! Even though this question is for year 2, i would like to try this query of yours. What i got from my calculation was that there should be 6 three’s and 5 two’s and here is how i worked it out. I realised that there are 28 space monster eyes in total which was very useful so the sum of the eyes cant be more than 28. Since we had to use 3’s and 2’s, i listed their times tables to make it easier to add them both. Once i listed the 2’s, I noticed that 28 is even so it must be in the 2 times tables. 14×2=28 After adding multiples of both numbers together, I added 18 and 10 and i got…28!! This strategy is sometimes useful and it helped me a lot, but some of you out there have great mental maths!!

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