Year 2 Receive A Mysterious Message From Pirate Blackbeard.

We had SUCH an exciting day on Wednesday. The excitement all began when Mrs Shakh arrived at the door with a mysterious message. The message was burnt as the edges and was written by a Pirate! We guessed this must be Pirate Blackbeard as he used to tie lit fuses to the end of his beard!

He gave us a Treasure hunt to follow to find clues about him.

Finding the clues around BRW was thrilling. We found two envelopes and one Treasure Chest. We carried the clues back to class to find out what they were.

When we opened the envelopes, we found pictures of Blackbeard that we could use to learn more about him. When we opened the Treasure Chest, we found REAL TREASURE! Pirate Blackbeard had left us all a chocolate coin.

We used the pictures to find out more about Blackbeard and how he lived. We also made inferences (guesses) about other things in the pictures, such as who he was fighting or what he was carrying in big barrels.

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