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A warm welcome back to all Year 2 children and adults! I hope you had an enjoyable and restful Christmas Holiday. Our scripture theme for this year builds upon our ‘BRW Spirit Strong’ motto; it is ’rise up, take courage and do it!’ The children’s resilience and bravery shone thought last year and we wanted to continue to celebrate their perseverance and fearlessness. Throughout this year, I hope to work with you to stimulate your children’s imagination and ambitions whilst helping them to rise to even greater heights.

Our topic for the Spring term is…

As always, our Come and See lessons will link to all that we do. We will explore the topics of Books, Thanksgiving and Opportunities. Throughout each topic, we will learn stories from the Bible and discuss how we can apply Christian values to our own lives.  We will also take part in thought-provoking and beautiful liturgies led by all members of Year Two.

Our aim for this term is to encourage the children to take risks and develop their resilience when encountering tricky challenges. Our topic this term will be based around the Great Fire of London. In History, we will be exploring the events that led to the Great Fire and how the event affected London. Through our Geography lessons, we will explore hot and cold places around the world and compare how their climate differs. The artist Sokari Douglas Camp will inspire us in our Art lessons, where we will create our own phoenix sculptures.  In our English lessons, we will use a variety of texts to inspire us in our own writing, such as Meerkat Mail and The Troll. Our Science topic, ‘Animals, including humans’, will allow us to deepen our knowledge of healthy living and look at how the children have grown since birth. In Maths, we will continue to problem-solve, reason and develop our Mathematical fluency. Our Maths topics for this term will be Multiplication and Division, Money, Statistics, Geometry and Fractions. In DT, Year 2 will work in teams to make moving carts (the people of London need a cart to transport to fight the great fire!). When we are in the Computing Lab, we will be developing our coding knowledge. The children will also practise their typing skills.  PE lessons will continue to develop our team work skills through lessons that explore Athletics and Ball Skills. Music lessons will be each Thursday with Mrs Horner and Mr Jones.

Autumn Term Revisit…

Our topic this term will be based around a story of courage; a heroic sea rescue led by Grace Darling. In History, we will be exploring the life of Grace Darling and will discuss why she is such a significant individual in history. As Grace Darling was born during the Victorian era, we will study the Victorian novel ‘Alice in Wonderland’. In our English lessons, we will use this text to inspire us in our own writing.  We will also explore other texts such as ‘The Colour Monster’ and a range of non-fiction texts and poetry. There will also be a consistent focus on spelling, punctuation and grammar so the children write confidently and accurately. Our Maths lessons will focus on deepening the children’s understanding of Number, the four operations and Money. Throughout our lessons, we will explore real-life problem-solving strategies to ensure the children can apply their Mathematical knowledge to everyday-life. Through our Geography lessons, we will be travelling around the world to learn about the continents and oceans that make up our world. The artist William Morris will inspire us in our Art lessons, where we will create our own prints. In PE, we will develop our gymnastic and dance skills. Our model-making abilities will be encouraged in DT when we will make our sail boats. We will learn about materials in our Science lessons and we will investigate which materials are suitable for different jobs.

Here are some videos to introduce you to some of our new topics:

Ways To Help At Home!

Spellings: Year 2 will be given homework on a Monday and it will be due in the following Monday. This will include two spelling lists. The children will choose the list they would like to challenge themselves to learn. The Diamond list is more challenging as the words are new Year 2 words whereas the Ruby group of words are ones that the children will have experienced in Year 1 (but they may need refreshing). The children will have their spelling test with Mrs Kennelly on a Monday afternoon.

Handwriting: All Year 2 children will be given a handwriting book to take home. Please encourage your child to bring their book in with completed letters so that they can receive Housepoints.

Reading: “There is no such thing as a child who dislikes reading; there are only children who haven’t found the right book.” – Frank Serefini.

At this age, decoding words and reading fluently can still be challenging for  many children. We will be working with Year 2 to help them to push past this initial challenge and read as much as possible. This will eventually enable them to enjoy the magic and mystery of story-books. Please support your child in reading their phonics book every evening. Please sign  your child’s reading record so we can keep up-to-date with their successes at home.

PE: Earrings: due to health and safety reasons, earrings must be removed before all PE sessions. Please remove them before school if your child is not able to do this independently. Please help your child to make sure their indoor PE kit (white t-shirt/ black shorts/ socks/ trainers) is with them in school at all times. Year 2 will have one lesson of dance and one lesson of gymnastics each week. Their PE kit will need to be in school all week. Thank you.

Science:  Please bring in a ‘Science lab coat’  (this could be an old white shirt)  for your child to wear over their uniform during Science investigations.

Uniform: Please ensure all your children’s clothes are labelled with their name. This helps us to reunite clothes with the correct child!

Websites for Year 2 to learn from and enjoy


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