Year 2

A warm welcome back to all Year 2 children and parents!  I hope you had a wonderful Easter break. We had a fantastic Spring Term, full of adventures,  laughter in learning and thought-provoking liturgies; these activities allowed all the children to shine, making us all very proud. This term, we will continue to inspire creativity and passion by exploring the topic, ‘Be The Hero Of Your Own Story:  What Is Your Super Power?’ This links perfectly to our yearly theme, which is to say ‘I Will’. I am looking forward to the children being even braver and bolder in their final term.

As always, our RE topics will be at the heart of our curriculum.

This term, our topics are: ‘Spread the Word’, ‘Rules’ and ‘Treasures’. We will be learning about the story of Pentecost and how we are challenged to follow Jesus’ rules and instructions. We will have chance to explore the many treasures in the world around us and to share what we are grateful for.

Our key questions this term are:

Why should we spread Good News?

Do we need rules?

Is the world a treasure?

In Maths, we will be challenged to think even harder by a range of superheroes. They will challenge us to measure, follow their directions and problem solve efficiently. We will, of course, be continuing to practise all four operations so we are ready for whatever challenges lie ahead!

Our English lessons will allow us to meet Eliot Jones (the midnight superhero) and Superworm. We will need to write instructions for superheroes and describe evil super villains. As always, we will be checking our spelling, punctuation, and grammar to make sure our work is of the highest standard. There will be lots of reading in class to make sure we are developing our reading fluency and our understanding of new vocabulary.

In Science, we will exploring the topic of ‘Growing’ and ‘Materials’. We will investigate what plants need to grow and the most appropriate material for a superhero’s cape! Our Geography learning will focus on our local environment and will include a field trip around Clifton. In History, we will be learning how castles have changed over time and we will have a chance to investigate the hero ‘Robin Hood’. Was he fact or fiction? We will follow Robin Hood into the forest of Glapton Woods for our Forest School lessons. This will help us to continue to develop our team work and collaboration skills. It will also enable us to develop our DT shelter-making skills. In Art, we will explore comic strips and Pop Art, with a focus on the artist Roy Lichtenstein. In PE we will be practising our super Athletic skills (ready for Sports Day!) and we will continue swimming the week after half term.

Key Dates For Your Diary!

W/C 20th May—KS1 National Assessments Week

Tuesday 21st May—KS1 Sports Day

Wednesday 22nd May—KS1 Disco

Half Term



Thursday 6th June— Year 2 Quad Competition at Glapton School

Friday 21st June—Year 2 Assembly

Thursday 27th June—Open Afternoon from 1:45pm

Thursday 18th July—Whole School Mass 9am

Monday 22nd July—Family Picnic

Encourage your children to bring in their PE kit on Monday.

Read every evening and sign your child’s reading log.

Check the reading record for homework. This will be set every Tuesday and due in the following Tuesday.

Websites for Year 2 to learn from and enjoy


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