Year 2’s Fabulous Nativity!

Last week at BRW Miss Cotter and her wonderful and fantastic students took to the BRW stage to perform their Nativity! The Narrators took us through our Nativity story but the main character was Archie the curious sheep. Archie was very small and very curious so he always wanted to know what was going on. He hurried to be with the Shepherds who took him to visit the baby who was the King, the Son of God. When he saw the people in the stable he said: “All these people worshipping such a tiny baby, now that really is curious!” During the Nativity we sang seven songs!

Thank you to everyone who watched our Nativity, hope you really enjoyed it!

Hannah and RIO


  1. Well done year 2! 👍🏽 Your nativity was really brilliant and you could tell that you tried really hard. You also acted out all the scenes brilliantly!

  2. Well done! You acted really well: I couldn’t believe how you roleplayed and re-created from Jesus birth to the tree kings.

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