Year 3 and 4 Class Mass!

Year 3 and 4 celebrated Mass with Fr Wilfred and invited our community to come and join us. We had some time preparing different parts for the mass such as writing prayers, making a communion reflection, setting up the hall for a beautiful mass. The theme of our mass was Children of God as we were celebrating the feast day of St John Bosco who is the patron saint of school children.
We really enjoyed the mass and different parts we had to play! The Gospel was from Matthew and it was all about who is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven? Jesus tells us that children are the most important just like saint John Bosco told us!
Fr Wilfred told us all about the rainbow fish and how we should share and be like God’s people.

We all loved the mass and look forward to the next one we have all together!

Miley, Gwen, Lewis and Nathan.

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