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Story starter!

Hours and hours had passed, and she hadn’t seen a soul. The monotony of trudging through this seemingly never-ending labyrinth was tiring, and her eyelids felt heavy. The heady scent of the pine sap and earthy moss added to her lethargic state. She felt as if she could close her eyes and sleep for a thousand years. She knew she couldn’t though; being trapped in the woods when night fell wouldn’t be a wise move. Making the most of the remaining daylight would be crucial, she knew.

A great sense of foreboding filled her, and she had a tight feeling in her chest. The trees around her, like sentinels protecting the gods of the forest, seemed to bear down upon her. The dense army of pine trees threatened her from every side. There was only one path forward, and she took it hesitantly, not knowing what awaited her in the distance…


This is a story starter for someone lost in a forest! We are going to read the famous story of Hansel and Gretel in class. Your task is to write a powerful paragraph for the lost brother and sister in the foreboding forest. Concentrate on building a powerful description of their surroundings and how terrified they might be…without actually using any dialogue!


You must use strong verbs, expanded noun phrases and precise adverbs! You are allowed to use the Word Bank provided. Extra House-points for anyone who includes a simile.



  1. The dark creepy, trees surrounded the forest, the scary, loud sounds echoed all around them. Hansel and Gretel felt trapped like a fly in a spiders web. The deeper they walked into the dark,terrifying forest the colder they felt, they felt as cold as ice. The spikey ivy choked the gigantic trees like a snake choking a tiny mouse.

  2. Excellent expanded noun phrases and a great use of similes. Archie, you’ve really used your senses to liven your writing! As a reader, I’m hooked!

  3. The petrifying dusty, trees surrounded the old ginormous forest, the terrifying, powerful sounds echoed all around them. They felt trapped like a tiny fly in a gigantic spider web. It was cold and the deeper they went the colder they felt, They felt as cold as a ginormous block of ice. The gigantic spikey ivy chocked the ginormous trees in the forest like a gigantic snake choking a very small and tiny mouse

  4. Every time they stepped forward in the deep, dark, terrifying forest, they felt colder and colder. Even the normal animals in this forest seemed creepy enough. The pine trees surrounded Hansel and Gretel looked more spooked because they though they’d have to stay there forever. They had a feeling, like a small, little mouse was chased by a colossal, frightening snake. They felt that every step dragged them to the dangerous monster throat.

  5. Green trees stretched as far as the eye could see and they couldn’t tell one part of the forest from the rest. They have been walking for ages and find it impossible to find a way through.The trees swayed to the rhythm of the wind and its branches waved like hundreds of tiny hands which makes them more frightened.
    Gretel thought she could close her eyes and sleep for hundreds of years but she knew she should not. As the sky was cloaked in a blanket of darkness Hansel and Gretel started to lose hope.

    • Every time they stepped forward in the deep, dark in the forest.They felt cold.They felt as cold as a ginormous block of ice.The spiked ivy choked the gigantic trees like a snake a choking a very small mouse.

    • They are in the deep dark forest. It looked like it hid many secrets. The massive muddy trees had branches that spread and twisted together like a beast. They looked like they were going to touch the sky. There was no way to get out because the trees and the overgrown grass was blocking their route.

  6. The children were extremely frightened, the trees seemed to gather around them viciously threatening to take the last sign of light. They wished for their soft warm beds, they should have listened to their mothers warnings…..

  7. The forest was creepy, there were thousands of tall trees that seemed to touch the sky. Hundreds of small rabbits blocked the narrow path, their eyes twinkled yellow, reminding the children of the stars in the dark night sky. How would they pass?

    • Rio, Love the link between the rabbit’s eyes and the stars! Great use of a rhetorical question too.

  8. There they were, standing hand in hand, deep in the heart of an eerie, disturbing forest. Surrounded by huge shadowy trees, stretching as far as they could see. Uncertain what lay ahead, they trembled along the rotting tree roots, stumbling over claw-like brambles that were twisted together in a contorted mass covering the forest floor. The deeper they staggered into the menacing darkness, the colder they became. Panic started to overwhelm them as they heard the spine-chilling screech of a fox in the distance.

    • Wow Leo, I felt a shiver run down my spine. Really effective word choices, I love ‘stumbling over claw-like brambles’.

  9. The children continued on further into the forest, climbing over branches that spread and twisted together like a prehistoric beast. As they continued on the trees swayed to the rhythm of the wind, painting the ground with flickering shadows. Spiders wriggled across the forest floor following secret paths only they knew. The path seemed to carry on forever and the children thought they’d never get home.

    • Chace, fabulous imagery. A great simile for the branches and the sentence about the ‘wriggling spiders’ adds a feeling of mystery and fear! Well done.

  10. As Hansel and Gretel were walking continuously through the forest, they heard trees rustling and saw the light in front of them shining as bright as a star. When the forest got colder and colder, they walked fearlessly to overcome their creepy and dreadful feeling whilst walking in the enormous and frightening forest.

  11. It’s getting darker and darker, everything looks more creepy now. The branches of the trees look like hundreds of tiny waving hands formed dark tunels. In the dark the sounds made by animals are more frightning. It’s so cold that their breath dance in gusts of frosty air. They think that the forest hides many secrets and will never end.

  12. There was a rustling noise coming from the tall, spiny trees. Hansel and Gretel were very afraid as they didn’t know what the mysterious noise was. Out of the corner of her eyes, Gretel saw two green eyes which shone as bright as a star in the night sky. All of a sudden they started to run as fast as the wind through the forest.

  13. The Forrest the two of them were in was very dark and scary everywhere the two would look they would not be able to see a thing, the trees due to the darkness started to look like people with long and wavy arms, there knees started feeling heavy due to the fear that they were feeling, they felt like day would never come and being lost in the forest was going to be their life now

  14. They crept hesitantly deeper into the mysterious forest. The leaves crunched beneath their feet and the branches clattered like skeleton bones.
    Their hearts pounded through their chest with each step, they felt petrified. The wind whistled a tune, like the trees were talking to each other.
    The paths were like a meandering river. Unsure which route to take, they felt lost, hopeless and fearful of what was to come or what they would find.
    After a terrifying journey, there it was. They couldn’t believe their eyes! The house glistened like diamonds in the sun.

  15. The trees stretched high above them. They both were starving. Hansel and Gretal had been walking for ages and they hadn’t seen anyone. A few minutes later, they both walked deeper into the forest. There breath was cold and the forest created more secret paths. There was only one path to take and they had to take it. The forest got colder and colder the more they walked deeper. The mist covered the path and what they could see. They carefully took their steps as the forest floor was full of mud. Gretal thought she would sink into the mud. Another hour later, they waked more into the forest more. Hopes were getting low and they did not know what was in the distance ahead.

  16. As the sky got darker, and the Moon appeared, wolves howled, owls woke and foxes growled,causing Hansel and Gretel’s hearts to beat like the loud drums of a circus,as their agitated eyes turned up to see dark clouds forming a canopy of fear and darkness, as the rods of lightning slashed the amber grass,the colder it got the more fear and danger was added to this terrorising forest of secrets.

  17. As Hansel and Gretel wondered sadly through the forest,after that they both could feel the super cold wind coming and suddenly they both heard all of the bushes rustle and all the leaves from the trees started falling down and then it started to be even more colder.

    • Think about how you could describe in more detail. For example, would all the leaves just fall down or could then one by one begin to twist and turn, like dancers, carried along on the cold wind.

  18. There once lived a boy named Hansel and a girl named Gretel.One day they both went to get some wood because their stepmother told them to do so.As they were walking through the woods they dropped pieces of bread, they were confident that they wouldn’t get lost in the woods.Then they came across a gingerbread house.Hansel and Gretel were starving so they started to eat the gingerbread house.Then a wicked Witch came out of the gingerbread house and the wicked Witch was furious and said”I am going to bake you into gingerbread men and eat you up.” their eyes went wide with surprise “Ahhh!”they exclaimed.The Witch swiped the children into her arms and laughed.

  19. The forest got deeper and darker. Hansel and Gretel started to shake with fear. Their breath got quicker and quicker. Their hearts were thumping in their chests. They heard a big crash that sounded someone might be coming for them. They sprinted away but they weren’t quick enough for the big footsteps behind them. The footsteps got closer and closer and they both turned around and saw a enormous, furry man. A giant.

  20. Branches spread and twisted together like a prehistoric beast.Hansel and Gretel had never felt so frightened. The forest was deathly quiet. There was not an animal in sight,even they was terrified of the creeper hung between the branches. A cold shiver washed over them. Would they ever get out alive…..

  21. A cloak of darkness had covered the night sky but patches of moon light managed to peak through the towering trees that loomed over them. Hansel and Gretel nervously clung on to each other as the howling of the wolves got louder and louder. This sent shivers down their spines. Tears gushed down Gretel’s eyes as she heard a sudden scream in the distance. How were they going survive?

  22. The tall, scary trees swayed spookily
    and cast shadows like ghosts surrounding them. The light was
    disappearing fast and the cold wind
    whirled around them stinging their faces. Fear gripped their hearts and they felt all alone.

  23. Hansel and Gretel was terribly lost in the middle of a great forests.The sunset was rising down in the gloomy dark,damped old trees. The night was as cold as the wind itself. Hansel and Gretel was getting starving so they went to look for some food.

    • Don’t forget to use ‘were’ when speaking about more than one person. Think about how you can describe the growing hunger…what happens to your body when you feel hunger? I like the way the night is described as cold as the wind itself.

  24. The Hansel and Gretal felt spooked like a chick stolen by a fox.They felt that somwone was tapping them on the sholders.They skreemd like an elephnts.They ran as quik as a cheetas. Hansel and Gretle want to go home but they couldn’t find the way. They hug each other and fell asleep under the spooky trees..

  25. As she walked through the maze of trees surrounding her, she felt a shiver run down her spine. Being left alone in the dark, chilly forest with her brother had frightened her.
    She trembled with fear. She continued to slowly follow the narrow path ahead. Gretel was as cautious as a bird waiting to be eaten by its predator.

  26. Hansel and Gretel was scared and worried in the darkness and cold forest.Because the stepmother leave them there alone. But, they are brave enough holding hands to support each other whatever happend.

    Gretel pushed the witch into the oven and then Gretel save Hansel.They run fast to escape away from the fire.Hansel and Gretel find their way home eventually and their father has been very happy to see them.

  27. No need to continue the story – try to stay in the past tense and describe the forest as if painting a picture in words!

  28. Hansel and Gretel was scared when they were in the dark, spooky forest. They wanted to go home even know they were poor anyway. They were holding hands because they were horrified but they were safe.

    They were walking in the forest looking spooked out because they saw something in the distance. She said, ‘I am a horrifying which that comes out at night’ she also made water flooding everywhere. They ran fast to there lovely warm home not a wet and dark forest. They hugged there dad and was feeling comfortable again.

  29. One step at a time, she slowly and cautiously followed the path into the deep dark forest, trying to be quiet but every one of her footsteps made a deafening crack which made the hairs on the back of her neck stand to attention, not knowing what was hiding in the deep dark forest, and what or who was lurking behind every tree ready to pounce at every moment.

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