Year 3 Half-Term Writing Homework

‘Please look after this bear.’ That was all the tag around his soft, furry neck said.

The station guard had so far been extremely kind to the unexpected visitor on his platform, left behind after more ‘normal’ travellers had bustled their way past. “Always in such a rush!” the man had tut-tutted to himself, before he noticed a bear standing there looking rather forlorn on the deserted walkway.

The bear could not, however, stay at the station. Despite already travelling such a colossal distance from deepest, darkest Peru, this particular bear’s journey was really just beginning.

He knew what might help, and so lifted a paw to reach for what lay underneath his bright, red hat…

For your Half-term Homework Year 3, I’d like you to continue this story….but imagine what might have happened if the Brown family hadn’t found him! Continue the story with your version. Remember to use all the SpaG (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar) we’ve been looking at. Use Powerful punctuation, Vivid verbs, expanded noun phrases and subordinate conjunctions (such as because, however, although, when…)


  1. This is a very well told story and i like the fact that there are different types of things in it like subordinate conjunctions, present tense verbs, adjectives and also even some adverbs and nouns.I think that the story of Paddington is a very good story and i look forward to reading stories just like this fantastic phonominale storybook.

  2. Then the station guard took him inside for some hot chocolate since it was the guards break.When the guards break had finished,he gave the bear to the lost property office so that they could take care of him but they didn`t take care of him so very wistfully he

    • A sad plan Daniel, now can you turn this into a story using some of the writing devices we’ve been practising such as using your senses, expanded noun phrases etc.

      • When the old gentle station guard walked out from under the shelter checking passports, in the corner of his eye he noticed a little brown bear gripping an old brown leather suitcase. Little did he know, probably all the normal passengers shoved past and because of all that hustle and bustle must have not noticed him he decided that he would take him to the café to have something to eat and drink. When the unknown bear and the old man had reached the café, they both ordered:
        • Tea with sugar
        • Macaroni Bolognese
        • A sundae with a flake, chocolate sprinkles and toffee sauce.
        The station guard asked a question “What is your name?”
        The bear replied “Paddington.” “My name is Paddington.”
        Why don’t you stay here, Paddington?
        Really! Hmm, let me think, sure!
        So, when they had finished eating, the station guard showed Paddington his rooms. Paddington was amazed with his new home. Since Paddington was staying with the station guard, he helped to care for his new home and made sure nothing bad was happening.

    • However, his hat was empty!
      At that moment, Percy the Park Keeper was getting off the train and kindly took the bear home to his beautiful garden. He named the bear Paws. Paws became best friends with Boris the Badger and Richard the Rabbit. They liked to clown around together in the multicoloured garden.
      Paws appreciated his new life and was as happy as a young child!

  3. and pulled out a bar of chocolate and had a little bite and stared into the man’s blue eyes. The guard could tell that the bear was scared and hungry. He asked his name but couldn’t understand it so he asked him if he would like to stay with him for a while and stay with his young daughter which desperately needed company when he is at work. The soft , brown bear said barely a whisper then he nodded his head. The bears eyes gleamed into excitement as the man put him in his bag and carried him home. That was the start of his new journey.

  4. As the small, russet bear left the hefty train station, the furred bear realised that nobody would be available to collect the sweet fur and fluffy short bear. Unexpectedly, the bear then seemed very left out, uneasy and also feels very lonely since no one could be able to pick him up.
    After hours of waiting for somebody to collect him, he became more frightened but thrilled as he wanted to discover what was in this wonderful world. However, he wasn’t secure because not one, single person caught up to the bear and go for him to his journey.
    Feeling alone, Paddington assumed that he’d never meet someone who would take care of him. The bear believed that he would be abandoned forever, until the guard of the station came up to him and asked him, “Why are you lonely?” Paddington soon became hopeful that the kind guard would take care of him and a thrilling and promising life changing awaits for him.

  5. As the station guard gently lifted Paddington’s paw, Paddington said “hello sir, how do you do?” the station guard jumped back in surprise! he couldn’t believe his eyes.”You are real” the station guard stutterd, “why yes I am real, my name is Paddington bear and I have been sent to London, England by my aunt Lucy to find a family who can take care of me”. The station guard felt sorry for Paddington and had an idea! ” you can come and live with me as I live alone and get very lonely sometimes” said the station guard. Paddington leapt up with excitement and said “I would love to come and stay with you, thank you so much”. Paddington was feeling very hungry after his long, tiring journey so he asked the station guard if there was somewhere he could go to get a marmalade sandwich, the station guard smiled and told Paddington that marmalade sandwiches were his favourite too and that his work was finished for the day so they could go back home as the station guard has tons of marmalade at his house. Paddington was so happy! The station guard picked up Paddington’s suitcase and said “lets go home”. Paddington and the station guard strolled, happily along the loud, busy platform together wondering what adventures they were going to share together.

    • I love your alternative story idea Archie, and the shared love of marmalade sandwiches is a really nice touch!

  6. Once Paddington had arrived at the station he was spotted by the station guard and there was a couple who had rushed by to pick up their daughter Judy for the summer holidays they had not seen him while they were passing. The station guard quickly rushed all the way from lost property to Paddington Station to ask the bear a few questions then he took him inside for a hot cup of tea. Paddington and the guard got along together very well.

  7. “Please look after this bear, thank you.” was all the card on his soft furry neck had said. Paddington had arrived at Paddington station and after a while was spotted by the station guard. The station guard had ran to Paddington and had taken hi inside for a hot, warm cup of tea. There had been a couple who had rushed by earlier to pick up their daughter Judy for the summer school holidays. Paddington and the guard had a chat. They both got along very well together.

    • I would have love to have seen how you could develop this idea further Joanna. I’m impressed your sister has had a go too. Well done to both of you.

  8. When Bear explorer stayed lonly at the platform and nobody came to collect him. He felt sad and lost, he dosn’t know were to go. All he saw was alot of busy running people, even hungry birds came to take his emergency sandwich. Luckly a policeman came with a wisle and scared all the birds away however the bear jumped and droped his only sandwich on the floor.The policeman asked the bear why is he craying so he told him the whole story from the begining. The policman said “I will help you.” After a little while, they were at the zoo. All the animals were very exited to have a new member of the family, the giraffe and zebras galloped with a tree branch a monkeys swang with a bannana, the elefants brang peanuts and the mearcats gave a kind welcome however all he missed was his marmalade sandwich from darkest Peru. Time to time he came out of the zoo to explore the city. The zookeeper gave him a new name “Soft”.

  9. The station guard had to take him since the train station was going to close and so it was going to be the guards break and the bear felt lonely and sad. After that he took the brown,fluffy,soft bear to lost property. The person saw the label what said Pleas look after this bear so the bear felt happy and joy full and after that lost property person took care of the bear so the person brought the bear marmalade for the bear because the bear showed that he only had to eat and there was only a little bit left then he lived happily ever after.

  10. He would stand on the platform waiting for someone else or he would go in lost property or
    be donated. But he had other plans .

      • a train came on the platform. without thinking about what could go wrong, he hopped onto the train and there was alot of people on the train. but he managed to find a seat. A boy came and sat next to him. the Boy was confused first then the boy asked his name. the bear said I don’t have a name and the boy asked more question the bear was tired so he got of the next stop but then he was in a completely strange place. What would he do now?

  11. he knew he should not do this but he still did. as he did this he was shocked, he found a map. the station guard said ” follow the map my dear, it will lead u home ” after 1 hour of following the map he unfortunately got lost. he couldn’t find his way back home.
    the bear was lonely!!!

  12. Paddington got on the train and started to go. The train got to London and Paddington was looking for a new home. Later that same evening, Paddington knocked on a door and the man who owned the house opened the door and said “who are you and what are you doing on my door step?” Paddington replied “well the reason I am on your door step is because I am looking for a new home and I was wondering if you could let me stay at your house?” “of cause you can stay!” the man and his family said “So what is your name?” Paddington said well my name is Paddington some people say it is the name of a station called Paddington station and most of the time people say I am famous!

  13. Paddington looked around and almost everyone was gone so he decided to try looking for a house, but no one would let him in. Paddington was feeling tired so he sat down on the corner of the street but he felt like he was being watched, suddenly a little boy popped his head around the corner and said “oh hello there, nice day, what’s your name?” Paddington replied “my name is Paddington and your name?” the little boy said “my name is Mathew, I will take you home if you want?” Paddington replied “oh of course, that would be lovely….”

  14. Underneath Paddington’s big bright red hat was a little piece of paper with an address written on it. The station guard was exceptionally friendly, he agreed to accompany Paddington although he only had a short time to spare. They ran rapidly along the busy streets of London and found themselves outside of a hot chocolate shop. Their stomach grumbled angrily, so they decided to head inside to buy some astonishing cakes they saw. While the station guard paid for the cakes, Paddington spotted some marmalade glistening to the top shelf. His favourite!

    • Soon after he got out side paddington was confused he didn’t no what to. Soon after he went to the pound he shocked confused and they fought l was a dog ! Soon after l ended up with people who think l am a dog! And they give me dog food for Lunch! But I managed to escape now he wonders through the street the end.

  15. After eating his marmalade sandwich Paddington wandered slowly from the station. He was amazed by all the big buildings around him. Their were so many lights it felt like the stars were out. After wandering around the busy city Paddington found himself outside of a very grand looking house. The sign said Buckingham palace. This looks like a nice place to stop for lunch he thought and look there’s a little gate perfect for a little bear. Paddington found a very lovely welcoming garden to have his last marmalade sandwich. After a little while an elegant lady came and sat with him. “How did you get in my garden? Little bear” “oh hello, my name is Paddington” the lady looked very amused and said “ hello Paddington, I am the Queen”.

  16. Paddington said he came from a place called Darkest Peru, however the station guard never have heard a place like that!So he asked if the mysterious visitor would want to rest.So Paddington sat on his suitcase and waited for someone to maybe take him to a safer area.Although no one came as the dazzling light of the sunshine came through one window.When suddenly Paddington saw a boy that was hiding from all the people at the big station because he was lost and was scared that someone could kidnap him when the boy saw Paddington and came to him and said that his name was Oliver and he was lost.Afterwards,Oliver asked Paddington what his name was and so Paddington ansered,’My name is Paddington.’ then Paddington said he was looking for someone to take him to a safer place.Then Paddington said he would try to find his family.So the journey began!

  17. The station guard invited Paddington to his home and shared everything with him. It was as if the bear was his own family! Although the guard was always happy, he was hiding a secret. The bear later found out that this friendly, thoughtful man – his name was Mr Williams – had indeed no family at all. This man had become familiar to Paddington. They spent the rest of the days together, enjoying each and every second. The bear couldn’t even imagine how it would have been if they hadn’t met. He was not a lost bear anymore.

  18. Since the station guard had so far been extremely kind.He gave attention to the bear and was attracted with his cuteness. The guard was so happy,did not wasted his time.Took the bear home,on their way.He bought a bear house,delicious food and milk. Ate together and played.Eventually the station guard and the bear live happily ever after.

  19. ‘please look after this bear.’ That was all the tag around his soft furry fluffy neck said. The station guard had been extremely kind to the unknown visitor on his own platform. All that was left was some normal visitors bustling their way past the platform. ‘So much in a rush.’ The man murmured to himself before he noticed a rather young bear looking forlorn on the walkway. The bear could not stay at the station. Despite travelling along distance from darkest Peru, the bears journey was just starting from the beginning. The bear had a bright-red hat with a very wide brim, that covered his dark black eyes. He was wearing a blue duffel coat; the bear was holding an old brown suitcase. The bears fur was dark brown after a few minutes, the station bear looked down at the bear and said ‘How about you come and stay at my house for the night?’ ‘Thank you so much. that would be perfect!’ The bear shouted with joy! As the station guard and the bear walked along the path to the house, they came across a café. so the station guard asked ‘Are you hungry? Do you want anything to eat?’ The bear answered ‘Oh yes please you are so courteous. So, the station guard and bear went to the café. As the station guard entered the café he asked hastily ‘What would you like to order?’ The bear answered ‘Is there marmalade sandwiches?’ The station guard said ‘Right away’ and so he began to order everything. After a few moments of eating, the station guard began to ask questions about the bear. The station guard asked politely ‘ Why don’t we give you a new name. Maybe let me see… PADDINGTON! Paddington replied ‘Oh that would be a brilliant name for me. So the two began to wonder about the exciting adventures ahead of them waiting.

    • You worked hard on this Hannah, well done. There is a lot of detail included which really adds to the picture you paint for your reader.

  20. “Please look after this bear.” That was all the tag around his soft, furry neck said.

    The station Gard had so far been extremely kind to the unexpected visitor on his platform, left behind more ‘normal’ travelers has busled their way past ‘Allways in such a rush! The man had tut-tutted to himself, before he noticed a bear standing there looking rather forlorn on the deserted walking.

    The bear could not, however, stay at the station. Despite already traveling such a colosal distance from deepest, darkest Peru. This particular bear’s journey was really just beginning.

    He knew what might help, and so lifted a paw to reach for what lay underneath his bright, red hat. It was a key to another house.

    The bear felt lost and didn’t know what to do so the station gard took him with him. The bear had a new name called ape. They were very excited and ape met some people called Jake and Martha.

    • A great start Maci. I would have liked to have known more about the choice of name ‘Ape’ and also who Jake and Martha were?

  21. He felt sad, Harmless because if the Brown Family hadn’t of found him he would be Homeless. When the Guard seen him he thought why is a bear at a train station. When he seen me he was Extremely Kind to me not like any one else apparently they don’t noticed me but finally Someone noticed me. It isn’t anything like darkest peru. He knew what might help, and so lifted a paw to reach for what lay underneath his bright, red hat and said bye.

    • After everyone had left the station the guard walked over to the bear and asked if was lost and hungry, although he was the bear shook his head but the guard knew he wasn’t being totally truthful.
      He held the bears hand and walked with him to the café they sat down and had a cup of tea and the bear started to whisper that he was lost and even though he had said he wasnt he was indeed very hungry so the guard ordered him some food and they looked through a map to find the place the bear wanted to go

  22. The station guard looked startled as the furry little bear pulled a marmalade sandwich out of his hat. Paddington looked up at the guard infront of him and said “My Aunt Lucy always says that a marmalade sandwich always help. Would you like some?” The guard smiled at the friendly little bear and took a piece of the sandwich because he didn’t want to be rude. “Come along, let’s take you to the waiting room where you can sit and eat your sandwich and we can decide what to do with you. Paddington was sitting on the bench in the waiting room when he saw a little girl enter with her Mummy. The little girls eyes lit up when she saw the cute cuddly bear and ran straight to him. “Hello, are you lost?” said the little girl. “I’m not lost but I am looking for someone to look after me.
    replied Paddington. “Would you like me to look after you? I know my Mummy won’t mind if you come with us” she said. Paddington felt very excited as he held the little girls hand as they walked out of the station. He looked back and waved at the kind guard and he waved back.

  23. “Pleas look after this bear.” That was all the tag around his soft fluffy neck said.

    The station guard was the only person on the station to care about the unexpected visitor. The brown fluffy bear sat on his case because the benches were full so there was no other option. He felt sad, homeless, dreadfull and friendless. He only had 1p and one marmalade sandwich which was his favourite kind of food he loved marmalade. His dream was to go on a train to a safe place. Sadly, he couldn’t because you needed a train ticket to go on a train but he had non.

  24. Paddington was sitting at the edge of a pile of old, dusty, discarded suitcases in a dark , forgotten corner of London station, licking the leftovers of an almost empty jar of delicious, tangy marmalade. He was staring into space thinking what to do, when he realised that someone had put a shiny silver coin in his duffle hat and he was curious why they did that. He took his new coin and began looking in the small platform shop to see if they had something to eat. He found a new jar of lemon marmalade, it was still sealed and full to the brim with his favourite mouthwatering treat. He enthusiastically leaned over to the counter and gave the gentleman his newly discovered coin and then he hurried back hastily to the pile of old, dusty, discarded suitcases. His mouth was watering as he began to rip the plastic off the jar and open the lid excitedly. He ate with a massive smile and marmalade all over his dirty face.

  25. And pulled a quarter of a marmalade sandwich and took a bite and gaze into the mans eyes. After he walked away and went through a big door. next he found him self in a very busy place. There was loud noises people crossing roads and hastily walking. slightly turning I sore lots of buildings.

  26. Paddington took out a marmalade sandwich then he is very kind back and gave it to the station guard. the guard said “Thank you”. and he began to giggle the guard also said “What are you giggling about”? Paddington replied “there’s marmalade in your teeth”!

    The guard held Paddington’s hand because he wanted to look around the station then he turns round suddenly he turns round again and the guard was gone.

  27. So the poor Paddington was sat on the railway bench and he felt so sad, lonely and he also very hungry.By that time,an old man who called Geff approached him and offered help.He was so kind to Paddington and he brrought some foods and drinks. Moreover,he informed pets control team and ask them to look after the Paddington.

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