Year 3 Resurrection!

Year 3 led a reflective performance of the resurrection of Jesus!

We planned and put together the performance before we broke up for Easter. We were all really looking forward to Easter and when we could led this performance!
All of us in year 3 worked really hard to put this together and worked as a team!

It started with us all being upset and going to visit Jesus’ tomb. We were led in a reflective dance to help focus our thoughts. We then moved over to the tomb to go and say goodbye to Jesus. When we arrived at the tomb we noticed that Jesus wasn’t there!
The women that ran quickly back to the disciples but none of them believed what had happened. Two of the disciples went to check the tomb and come back very confused then told the people what the women had said was true. We really enjoyed playing these roles as we could be creative and show our gifts of acting by leading an emotional reflection.

We all really looked forward to the part we put together and dance as Jesus came towards us! Everyone in the room came towards Jesus to see if it was really him?!

HE HAS RISEN! Everyone apart from Thomas noticed that it was Jesus he had risen again!

John went over to Thomas to tell him who it was.

We had a big celebration song at the end for everyone to join in with. It was really fun and we loved it!

We had a great time planning and leading this reflection and HAPPY EASTER!

Alice and Ashleigh.

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