Year 4 Chuck-date!

Something a little different for you this week!

Here’s Marilyn! She’s around 11 months old.

She is a Leghorn chicken and she can lay up to 240 eggs per year! No egg-sageration πŸ™‚

Let me know what you think Year 4. I think I can feel a joke coming on….


  1. WOW Mrs Henderson, those are some eggscellent facts! I never knew that Marilyn could lay 240 eggs a year. That is eggciting.

  2. It looks like Mariam is very eggjoyable around people. I also didn’t know that she could lay 240 eggs per day.

    • Egg-joyable! That’s funny Dylan πŸ™‚ Fortunately it’s 240 eggs per year, rather than per day.
      That would be egg-septional!

  3. That is certainly an egg-citing way to start the day!Since your chicken can lay 240 eggs a year you could have an egg almost every day.Hope you have an egg-cellant day Mrs Henderson!

  4. It is egg-redible that a chicken like Marlin can lay up to 240 eggs per year.
    (My guinea pig is also 11 months old!)

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