Year 4 English – WC 1st June 2020

Here are your plans for this week Year 4. This is the last week where we will be studying The Firework Maker’s Daughter.

Write your comments as usual below πŸ™‚

I hope that you have enjoyed reading it as much as I did. Next week we’ll be moving onto Cloudbusting by Malorie Blackman. Get a headstart by downloading a copy now- use Audible because it’s still free!


  1. Not sure if you got my post from week before half term as it’s not on the blog, here it is again,

    The grotto was as dark as the night sky. The flames are like lava. The sound of the crackle is like popcorn.

    My 5 new words are,
    Harsh , Barren , Gloomy , Astonished , Smothered

    Lila felt smothered by the gloomy barren grotto. Razvani was being harsh towards Lila. When the caven exploded they were both astonished.

    • Good morning Hollie!
      Thank you for leaving your post again. We had some problems with the blog on Friday so that may have been the reason it went missing.
      Lovely sentences, I particularly like how you have started the last sentence with a subordinator! Watch out for commas – remember to use them when you take a breath πŸ™‚

  2. Mrs Henderson when I started my English work I couldn’t find any answers to the questions and I think I might of be listening to the wrong chapter, is it chapter 6?

    • Hi Wiktoria!
      Your challenge for half term was to finish reading the rest of book. The questions are based on what is in all the remaining chapters of the book.
      Don’t panic if you’re a bit behind, catch up on the amazing story first. No rush πŸ™‚

    • A girl called Lila whants to become a firework maker like her father Lachland .Lachland doesn’t want Lila to become a firework maker,Lila goes to mount merap.lila goes on here quest to mount merapi,but she gets caught by Rambashis pirates. There came a sound like a mighty trumpet chulak was frightened because when hamlet trumpeted he had lost his temper.She finally got to mount merapi she saw Rasvani and then she saw the ghosts and then she stepped into the fire.Lila and chulak stopped for hamlet to drink and then they snatched some berries.Lila and Lachland entered the competition and won lots off money.

  3. I did my planning this morning and wanted to complete my summary, whilst still goes!

    A girl called Lila wants to become a firework maker like her father Lalchand. Lalchand doesn’t want Lila to do this, Lila runs away to see Razvani in the grotto. The quest goes wrong, Lila doesn’t have three gifts. Lila’s friends – white elephant Hamlet and Chulak help her, delivering the water of the Goddess of the Emerald Lake. Returning home, Lila learns her father is in prison. To save him, Lila and Chulak must win The Firework Festival. Competition time, there are three other firework makers to compete against. Victory is theirs Lila does posses 3 gifts talent, perseverance and luck. Good loyal friends.

    • You are a skilled summary writer Nathan! Well done!
      I will be sharing this as a great example with some of your classmates today.

      You deserve a little rest now Nathan. Perhaps have some time listening to our new book….Cloudbusting by Malorie Blackman πŸ™‚

  4. Here is my summarised story of the Firework-Makers Daughter.

    Lila wants to be a Firework-Maker but Lalchand is against the idea.
    Lila sets off to Mount Merapi, without her fathers consent, and meets some pirates along the way.
    At the Ceremony of the Full Moon, people of the village try to take Chulak away but the Goddess stops all the fuss.
    Chulak receives some magic water and has to now deliver it to Lila before she meets Razvani.
    Lila realises she doesn’t have the 3 gifts when Razvani appears in a mass of fire and flames. Chulak and Hamlet deliver the water just in time.
    Lila goes to the palace to find Lalchand. The King agrees to spare Lalchand if they win the firework contest.After a grand applause, they are presented the priZe and Lalchand is free. Lalchand is proud of his daughter and realises she has the the 3 gifts after all:Talent,Courage and luck!

    • Well done Thomas! A clear and succinct summary of the story. I’ve enjoyed reading this and listening to the interesting vocabulary you have used. I particularly like your use of the word ‘receives’ instead of gets and how you have described the applause as a ‘grand’ one.

  5. Lila asked her father to be a firework maker but he went against the question Lila had asked because Lalchand thought it would be dangerous. Then Lila met Chullak along with Hamlet and also the White Elephant.Then Lila went sailing to Ranvazi the pirate. Then she met Ranvazi and went of to Mt Marrapi to find some royal sulphur for firework making. Then found the fire fiend which told her to walk in the firey flames.

    • Hi Charlie! Great to hear from you. I enjoyed reading your summary. Well done for including the key details.
      Have a great weekend πŸ™‚

  6. HI Mrs Henderson I chose to summarise the story chapter by chapter here it is below,

    Chapter one focuses on the characters Lila, Lachand, Hamelet and Chulak with Chulak talking about becoming a firework maker and the journey to Mount Merapi. Chapter two focuses on Lila, Lachand and Hamelet walking through the noisy jungle and there battles of stepping over sleeping animals. Chapter three focuses on the characters Lila, Lachand, Chulak and Hamelet on the boat with Rambashi and his pirates and they were talking about how they would not jiggle the boat, Lila was scared because they nearly fell off the boat. Chapter four focuses on the characters Chulak and Hamelet walking to Mount Merapi and talking about getting the royal sulphur to become a firework maker. Chapter five Lila went into a cave to ask for the royal sulphur but she realised it wasn’t a thing, it was a myth someone told her it wasn’t real. Chapter six Lila kept on asking the king is my father dead yet? The king said he will die tomorrow. Finally chapter seven They invited professional firework makers, one of them was riding a horse. they couldn’t get it out of there heads.
    On summarising the story as a whole I think that all Lila wants to do is become a good firework maker and that she was trying her best to do this with great help along the way from great friends.

    • Hi Hollie,

      Well done for writing your summary. You’ve definitely included the most important details. It sounds like you enjoyed reading it too πŸ™‚

  7. Lila,the firework-makers daughter, has a best friend Chulak, a white elephant’s servant. Lila’s father arrogantly keeps the secrets of firework-making, Chulak finds out for her. Mount Merapi holds the answers.
    Lila runs away but gets captured and then escapes from pirates. Meanwhile, Chulak sneaks out of the palace.
    Chulak visits a lake to get water for Lila while she finds the grotto. Chulak arrives at the grotto with Lila’s water. They hurry back because Lalchand is in a predicament. Lila and her father have to make the best fireworks to save him. They win and the pirates become singers.

  8. This is the summarised story from Tuesday with the 100 words.

    Once there was a small girl called Lila with her father Lalchand Lila’s mother died when she was young .When Lila became a bit older Lalchand started teaching her the art of fire.She decided to become a firework maker.There was a secret to get the royal sulpher from mount Merappi but it turned out it wasn’t true.Lila’s friend Chuak had a elephant friend Hamlet and had to quickly give him back to the king.As punishment they had to take part in the firework festival if they lost Lila’s father would be killed.They won.

    • Well done Wiktoria! A clear and interesting summary! I’ve enjoyed hearing this today.
      Have a great weekend πŸ™‚

  9. I completed this task with 100 words.

    Lila wants to become a firework maker but Lalchand dosen’t agree. Lila gets advice from Chulak and goes after the Royal Sulphur. On her adventure she meets pirates. The ceremony of the Full Moon commences, Lila quickly abandons Rambashi and his squad. She finally sets foot on the grotto but almost dies from flames. Luckily, her friends rescue her. Lila arrives back home and has to win a competition or goes to prison with Lalchand for letting Hamlet out of his house. Chulak also gets sacked due to this. Lila and Lalchand win which meant Hamlet and Chulak reunited

    • Hi Dylan! Some really lovely verb choices in here. I particularly like how you’ve used the verbs ‘commences’ and ‘abandons’. It really adds detail and interest for the reader. Well done. A clear and interesting summary. I loved reading it! πŸ™‚

  10. I can retell this story using 100 words.
    Lila and Lalchland get into a confrontation about her future. She runs away with the knowledge her friend conned out of Lalchland, and leaves her family petrified.Lila finds cowardly pirates whilst Chulak and Hamlet search for mystical water. Harrowingly, she nearly dies but is saved by her friends before discovering the truth. Her father is imprisoned and Chulak is sacked for violating the rules. Detention can be evaded if they win a firework contest. Due to winning the festival, her father is no longer a criminal. Chulak is rehired, giving everyone a happy ending.

    • Hi Elyon! Great to hear your summary!
      I think you have managed to retell with real clarity here. Well done. I love your penultimate sentence, particularly how you’ve started with ‘Due to’. I think you’re going to like the next book too πŸ™‚

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