1. My book review,

    Cloud Busting by Malorie Blackman. It is about Sam putting a peanut into Davey’s lunch. It takes place in the school lunch. Davey, he is like a bit weird and bossy. MR Mackie he is sometimes a bit strict. last but not least is Sam he is like mean because he put a peanut in Davey’s lunch. The story is about friendship peace and love. The main events are love peace and friendship. Yes I liked the book because it had some synonyms and good character explanation of what is happening. I think because the chapters are really small I think make them a bit longer. I would recommend it to lulu because I think she will really like it. No you shouldn’t take it off the year 4 book list because its like adult and child friendly and plus it is really good.

    • Hi Hollie!
      Thank you for posting your review on here! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading it and hearing your perspective on the book. You have included some great reasons here Hollie. Very well done 🙂

  2. Cloud Busting by Malorie Blackman.
    This is a great book all about friendship. The story is based in a school and is about The friendship between the main characters.
    The main characters are, Sam, Davey and Alex. The story is read through Sams eyes, and how his friendship with Davey grows.
    Davey is an outcast in school, who has no friends to begin with.
    Alex is the mean school bully.
    The main event in the story is when Alex puts a peanut in Davey’s sandwich, which causes an allergic reaction.
    I really like this book as it is written with poems.
    I would make the story better by including poems through Davey’s eyes.
    I would recommend this book to Charlie C, as he enjoys reading and it is a good story about friendship.
    Keep this book in the Year 4 book list, as it is a good story about friendship and bullies. Also I know my sister will like it when she is in Year 4.

  3. My book review

    The name of this book is Cloudbusting and it is written by Malorie Blackman.

    The action takes place in many different places but mainly the school and the park.

    The two main characters are two boys called Davey and Sam. Davey is very mysterious and clever . Sam calls himself a bully he is actually quite kind.

    This story is about two boys ,Sam can’t stand Davey because he is so peculiar and strange but this grows into a extraordinary friendship .

    This moving story’s main events are when an allergic reaction made everything change , the two boys became friends and when Davey suddenly left .

    I love this book because it is heart-warming and about a unique friendship.

    I think this book would have been even better if Davey had come back or there had been a happy ending.

    I would recommend it to a friend because it helps you learn about a true friendship . I think this book would be good for Year 3 , Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6.

    Although I think this book should improve a little , I think we should keep it on the Year 4 reading list because it has lots of descriptive vocabulary, it can teach anyone about how you can have the strongest friendship with someone, real life situations, good short chapters ideal for people who don’t enjoy reading and it can help someone who has maybe broken a friendship with a friend .

    • Well done Alice! A fantastic review – really detailed and interesting to read over. I’m so pleased you enjoyed the story – I really hoped that you would. I think we probably should keep it on the list a little longer 🙂

  4. My book review is as follows:

    Cloud busting by Malorie Blackman.

    The main characters are; Sam, Davey, Alex and Mr Mackie. The book is written in verse, which makes for easy enjoyable reading.
    Each chapter is narrated by the character Sam and tells the story of friendship. Without spoiling the plot. It tells the unusual friendship between Sam and Davey and how a turn of drastic events turns their friendship into something genuine.
    I would definitely keep the book on the list for year 4 and recommend it to all people needing to understand the true meaning of friendship.

    • A beautifully written story review Nathan! I love the openers which you have used and how you have explained your own thoughts. I’m so pleased that you enjoyed it. Well done 🙂

  5. My book review,

    Cloud Busting by Malorie Blackman.
    The book follows the life of boys at school and how they evolve in friendship.
    The main characters are Sam and Davey. The book is recounted by Sam he talks about his complicated friendship with Davey.
    I would say the main event was when Alex put a peanut in Davey’s sandwich because it caused a major allergic reaction. I think it was Sam’s fault because he told Alex about Davey’s allergy.
    I would recommend this book to Year 3, 4 and 5.
    Finally, I think we should keep this book on the Year 4 book list because it has an amazing use of vocabulary and the book is a very useful tool when it comes to friendships.

  6. My book review (summarised version):
    Cloudbusting is about a poetry assignment that a teacher gives to his class. The main character, Sam decides to base his poem of a friend that isn’t here anymore, leading to the events of the story…
    Like I said, the main characters are Sam and Dave, who left the school a few months ago. Dave ( Davey as he likes to be called) is discreet and mouse-like, but with rib-tickling humour and a sharp wit. Sam was mulish, and intimidating, out of fear of Davey’s nonconformist ways. However, Sam could be loyal and willing to give up being normal for happiness.
    The main events are the poetry assignment, Davey’s arrival and the allergic reaction. The allergic reaction is one of the most important events in the book because it shows that their relationship could fall apart, even after all the happiness it brought them both. It also serves as the catalyst for Fizzy Feet becoming strangely normal. Although it is very important to the story, the most important plot point is the class being set their poetry task, since the story would never have happened otherwise.
    I liked the book because it was unique to anything I had ever read before. It was the first poetry book I have read in person, and the first one with different poetry styles incorporated. The characters definitely engage you in the story as you can see the class’ situation through a different lens ( the class bully, the victim or the silent one). The pacing of the book is really beneficial since it shows the life lessons learnt or ignored by the class.
    The one thing that could have improved the actual story was if Sam gave some consideration to Davey’s new life, in view of the fact that he presumably excels in descriptive poetry. However, if there was any indication of Sam getting emotional during certain parts of the story (like tear marks on the pages) I would be pleased.
    I would recommend it to friends in KS2 or early KS3 because of more mature and heavier themes, like death and bullying. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone above that age owing to theme wanting to read longer, more mature books.
    I disagree with removing Cloudbusting from the reading list because it encourages us to use more descriptive language when writing. Although the descriptive writing could get a bit strong for children in early Year 3, it is still adult and (older) child friendly. This story is a guide to repairing and reflecting on friendships. Even though Sam doesn’t have the chance to save his friendship with Davey, he gives people chances to save their own relationships. Unlike many of Mrs Blackman’s earlier books, Cloudbusting has a storyline that is much more relatable to British kids due to it tackling bullying, peer pressure and breaking friendships.

  7. Malorie Blakman,Cloud Busting. The action takes place at shcool.The main characters are Davey and sam,Davey is a tall and good but sam is coward because he told Alex about Davey’s allergy.The story is about friendship.The main events are when Davey choked on the peanut ,also when Davey saves sam from a car and when Davey left.I this liked the book because it has loads of poems.The thing that would’ve made the book better if it was more adventurous.I would recommend this book to years 3-4 because it has some mischievous behavior cheeky words.I personally think we shouldn’t take this of the year 4 list because the next year 4 will love this book.

  8. Hi Dylan, Kaylum and Elyon! It really made me smile to read your book reviews today. I’m so pleased to hear that you enjoyed the story – I think we will have to keep it one the book list a little longer 🙂
    I hope you are enjoying a lovely summer break, I’ll see you all in September.
    Mrs Henderson 🙂

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