1. Owls hooting at night
    Moon shining in the night sky
    Stars gleaming like jewels

    I loved talking to you at the beginning πŸ™‚

    • A wonderful Haiku Evan. I love your description here- makes me want to go for a woodland walk.

      It was great to catch up with you too Evan πŸ™‚

  2. Here’s the Haiku from Team Matthew

    Glittering goldfish
    Graceful like a soaring bird
    Sparkling like diamonds

    Beautiful work Team Matthew πŸ™‚

  3. Here’s the Haiku for Team Mark

    Shimmering gold fish
    Swim silently like a shadow
    Sparking like bright stars

    I love your use of alliteration Mark πŸ™‚

  4. Here’s the Haiku for Team Luke

    Beautiful gold fish
    Graceful as a gliding swan
    Sparkling like the sun

    Well chosen adjectives and I love the simile πŸ™‚

  5. Here’s the Haiku for Team John

    Bright, shining gold fish
    Graceful and elegant fish
    Sparkling like diamonds

    Great use of commas in your first line! Lovely simile too πŸ™‚

  6. One from Jamie inspired by his pet!

    Shadow is a cat
    Her colours are like cookies
    She is very cute

    • Beautiful! I love how you have been inspired by nature. I like your use of the verb ‘whipped’ too. It really makes me feel the strength of the wind as a I read this! Well done πŸ™‚

  7. Here’s mine -hairy, hyena. cheeky, hyenas eat food. Cheeky hyenas for the lion. The furry lion {5} fast,rapid cheeky,lion. {7} the strong predator. {5}.And for the last one the wolf which is probably the best one. Small scary wolf{5} Terrifying, scary wolf. Tiny but scary.
    That’s my Haiku.

    • Wonderful! Lacey Mai this had made me smile widely this afternoon!
      I can hear your voice as I read it! Fantastic work – I love how confident your poetry sounds! πŸ™‚

    • Hi Louise! I am so happy to hear from you and read your poem!
      I enjoyed reading your haiku and love how you have used a mermaid as inspiration. When I read this you have created a picture of her clearly in my mind. Well done! You are a poet! πŸ™‚

  8. WOW! I’m so impressed that you and Elyon have had chance to write your own independently. Incredible work you two! You continue to impress me with your love of learning and your diligence. Well done!
    Dylan – the use of ‘fork-tongued’ to describe the fire gave me a shiver when I read this! Well done! Beautifully descriptive πŸ™‚

    • Hi Nathan,
      You can add them here in the weekly English comments section or email to the office if you would prefer! I’m looking forward to seeing it already πŸ™‚

  9. Here’s my story.

    King of the Skies

    Once, there was a Commercial jet pilot named Jim, who flew people all over the world on holiday.
    But then, a terrible virus spread across the world grounding all flights, putting Jim out of work and with no money to earn a living.
    One day, Jim was out climbing at Mount Merapi in the Himalayas, when he rescued an injured Golden Eagle. It was magnificent in size with immeasurable golden wings that shone brightly in the sunlight. It was so stupendous that Jim stood awestruck looking at it.
    Suddenly to Jim’s utter amazement the Eagle spoke…
    β€œYou have rescued the King of the skies! Jim, I grant you one wish. When the sun sets in the East, climb to the top of Mount Merapi and shout out your hearts wish.” and with that the Eagle soared high into the sky and was gone.
    Jim, climbed down from where he was and hurried back to his campsite, wondering what on earth had just happened.
    What should I wish for Jim thought, there were so many things that I would like, a new car, a new house, money. But what to ask for?
    He phoned his parents for advice.
    β€œJim, you need to ask for something that will give you many happy memories”
    Jim thought about this, whatever could they mean by that?
    Jim, paced and paced trying to think of something..
    Suddenly, he stopped and smiled, but of course I know what I want he thought.
    He rushed out of this tent, to climb Mount Merapi as the sun set.
    The sun was just beginning to set, so it was time to speak again to the Golden Eagle..King of the Skies.
    β€œWhat do you wish for Jim?” asked the Eagle in his rich golden voice.
    β€œI wish that the virus would disappear forever and that I could have my very own airport with my private Learjet to fly myself and my parents around the world, staying in the very best hotels, creating many happy memories and the world rejoicing once more.
    There was silence in the mountains, as the Eagle soared into the sky once more.
    Jim, climbed down the mountain, to hear the astonishing news that the virus had gone and there waiting for him at the Himalayan airport was his very own Learjet, with his proud parents sitting in it waiting for him to fly them somewhere amazing to create those happy memories.
    The End.

  10. Nathan, this is a truly beautiful story!

    It has nearly made me speechless this Friday morning- but not quite! I think that your story structure is clear, the sequence of events is engaging and your sentence structure and punctuation are impressively accurate. I enjoyed how you used your own interests and The Firework Maker’s Daughter to inspire you. I can see how hard you are worked to craft, draft and publish this piece. You are a credit!

    Perhaps even more importantly, your story took me to a different world. It made my heart swell when I read it! Well done Nathan! πŸ™‚
    Mrs Henderson

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