Year 4 Faith Ambassadors: KS2 Liturgy- Inspire!

On Tuesday we had our KS2 liturgy, we gathered in the hall and found our own space. We were able to look at the prayer focus which helped prepare us to pray and feel close to God. Reflective music was playing in the background as we walked in, and the liturgy team lit a candle to show that Jesus is in the room and with us.

The theme of the liturgy was Inspire! Inspire means “filled with the spirit”. When we are inspired, we are filled with God’s spirit.

When we walked into the liturgy we were given a folded piece of paper with the name of a person in our class on it, we were asked to write how they inspire us and why.

Evan Wagstaff- I had James on my piece of paper and he inspires me because he brings me joy when I ask him to say a funny word he says It really, really funny.

Isla Stevens- I had Julia on my piece of paper and she inspires me because she is very funny and very hard working when she needs to be, she has a great sense of hummer and makes me smile every time I see her.

It felt really lovely to say kind words about someone.

At the end of our liturgy, we were given a mission. This week our mission was to tell someone in our family who inspires us that they are inspiring and thank them!

We would like to give you this mission too- tell someone who inspires you why they inspire you and thank them for everything they do for you!

By Isla Stevens and Evan Wagstaff


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