Year 4 Half Term Holiday Homework – 11th October 2021

Homework text on notepad and colorful pencils

Hi everyone,

Here’s your homework for the break…

Let me know how your holiday is going by adding a little note to me in the comments section below.

Top Tips;

-Only use your first name please

-Extend your sentences using a conjunction i.e. although, before. after

-Show off your knowledge of expanded noun phrases – don’t forget the comma between the adjectives i.e. enormous, purple bouncy castle!

Enjoy your break

Mrs Henderson


  1. Hello Ms .Henderson! In the Half-Term I went to my dance session on Saturday. Then straight after that, we went to London to celebrate my grandma’s birthday and we surprised her then had a birthday dinner. Then on Sunday, My grandma came home with us and she’s staying for a week! Then on Monday, My brother went basketball and I went to go to a chess club. It was really fun. Then today, I have got a dance club preparing me for a dance concert. I hope everyone is enjoying their Half-term and I can’t wait to see what you guys have been doing. Bye!

    • Hi Isabella,
      It sounds like you’ve been incredibly busy! Make sure you find a little time for a rest – or perhaps a little time with a good book 🙂
      Enjoy the rest of your break,
      Mrs Henderson

  2. It’s really enjoyable to have a break and fun but I made sure I did some studying other than having fun all the time and getting prepared for my sisters birthday!☺

    • Hi Sarah,
      Great to hear from you. I hope you had a great time at your sister’s birthday party.
      Enjoy the rest of your holiday.
      Mrs Henderson

  3. Hi Mrs Henderson, hope you are having a good half term. So on
    Sunday and Saturday I played football a drew on Saturday and lost on Sunday. Today I am going foot golf with my friend. We are going to have a Halloween party and we are going trick or treating with Alfie’s friend. Then tomorrow I am playing football on Saturday and Sunday.I went football training Tuesday and Thursday I didn’t go on Wednesday because it was cancelled.

  4. I am not playing football Sunday now, there is no fixture. So I am going to watch Forest with my dad and grandad ⚽️

    • Hi Charlie,

      It sounds like you’ve been very busy. I thought there would be lots of time for football your way. Shame about the score for the Fulham game -I’m sure it will go better on Friday against QPR.
      Enjoy the halloween party too 🙂
      Mrs Henderson

  5. Hi Mrs Henderson,
    This week I made a balloon hoover- with a CD,a bottle lid with a hole and a balloon ! I stuck the lid on the CD and put the blown balloon on the top and it was very fun to see it rotating round and round . I also played with lots of Lego and played with my brother and we did loads of funny and silly things ! I read some books as well . Bye !

    • Hi Francis! That sounds like a very clever idea and a good way to spend some of your break. It made me laugh out loud 🙂
      Enjoy the rest of your break. See you soon,
      Mrs Henderson

  6. Hi Mrs Henderson,
    This half term I tried to keep myself very active. On Mondays I go to swimming lessons. Made a good progress and soon will move to stage 4.Last week I went to Red Kangaroo trampoline park with my sister. Tomorrow I am going to an indoor skatepark with my cousins Filip and Adam. In the evenings I play board games with my family. Can’t wait to be back at school to see you all again.

    • Hi Leon,
      Great to hear from you. You do sound like you’ve been active – the trampoline park has been very popular I hear!
      Looking forward to seeing you soon,
      Mrs Henderson

  7. Hi Mrs Henderson. On Monday, Daisy, Rex, Grandma, Grandbob and me went to Shipley country park. Tuesday, I went to Melton Mowbry Museum(I even made a lantern). Wednesday, I had sushi with a friend. Thursday, I got pop-its and went to my nanny’s house. Friday, I Went to a park and then looked for bugs then had chips. Saturday I went to rugby and then had food out. Monday I went shopping and made banana cake. Tuesday I went to Foxton locks. Wednesday, I went to Abbey park. Thursday, I went shopping. Friday, I’m going castle park and Dentist.

    • Hi Poppy!
      Wow you have been busy – all your news has made me quite exhausted!
      I had a feeling there would be some sushi involved in your half term 🙂
      See you soon,
      Mrs Henderson

  8. Hi Mrs Henderson,
    Over the half term holiday I have enjoyed going out for long walks with my family, kicking the leaves and searching for chestnuts.
    I have decided I do not like the insides of pumpkins because they are too slimy and stringy. I do like carving them and putting candles in them to light them up.
    I have miss school and all of my friends and I am looking forward to seeing you all when we are back together again xx.

    • Hi Josie,
      Hunting for chestnuts in the woodland sounds like a lovely way to spend some time. I completely agree with what you feel about pumpkin seeds too – very slimy and sticky. Pumpkin pie is worth a try though if you get chance 🙂
      Looking forward to seeing you soon,
      Mrs Henderson

  9. Hi Mrs. Henderson
    This week I went to Skegness and I stayed in a caravan park called golden palm. The first day we didn’t explore much but we went to play arcade games and my sister got many tickets. On Wednesday, we went to an amusement park, it was fantastic. I played on a lot of rides and I really liked it. After that we went for swimming and there were two slides. The first one was a bit slow the second one was very fast. Overall I had an amazing week.

    • Hi Tevin,
      Great to hear from you. I’m so pleased you’ve had a busy and fun week. I think I would have enjoyed the arcade games too 🙂
      See you very soon,
      Mrs Henderson

  10. Hello Mrs Henderson, hello all my year 4 friends! I am having a great time. I definately appreciated that I could get up later than I usually do. I played with my friends and I took part in one birthday party, too. I enjoyed watching cartoons and movies with my mum in the evenings. Needless to say, it’s Halloween tomorrow, therefore I have decorated my house and made some beautiful pumpkin carving. It is going to be a double celebration tomorrow as it’s also my cat’s third birthday. I’m going to create a super home playground for her and give her plenty of her favourite snacks. She is going to have a meaty birthday cake instead of a sweet one, obviously 🙂 I hope you are all having a great time during the half-term. I also didn’t forget to challenge myself with some tricky maths questions. See you all soon.

    • Hi Alexander,

      What a wonderful description of your holidays! You have taken time and care over it. Well done.
      You have clearly kept yourself busy. I think your cat is really going to enjoy her birthday and her special cat-friendly birthday cake!
      Looking forward to seeing you when we get back,
      Mrs Henderson

  11. I have had an amazing half term. Firstly, I went shopping and went to the sparkly, huge smiggle store. I bought a new school bag and lunch box. I have been to funky pots with my cousin and we painted some colourful, fun pots. I did some cool, amazing bowling with sienna and also played in the bright, noisy arcade. I have put some spooky scary Halloween decorations up at home. Today I went to jasmine’s fun and cool birthday party and had a great time. I can’t wait to go trick or treating tomorrow.

    • Hi Amelia,

      You’ve written a lovely recount of your break. I can spot lots of expanded noun phrases 🙂
      You sound like you have been very busy over the last two weeks. I am jealous of your visit to funky pots – I hope you had chance for a little rest too.
      See you soon,
      Mrs Henderson

  12. Hello Mrs. Henderson, during half term I went to visit London with my family and friends. I went to Buckingham Palace, London eye and I visited M&M world. That was very interesting. My aunt gifted me a Manchester United hat. I really enjoyed my self and I was very happy to see my cousins. The rest of my half term was spent training for football , swimming and kickboxing.

    • Hi Brian,

      You sound like you’ve had a wonderful time. You have been very busy. I wonder if you saw the Queen at the palace?
      Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow,
      Mrs Henderson

  13. in my holiday I been doing jobs and take care of Chelsea and Clinton in the house I spent time with them I tell stories to Clinton he enjoy it and it will Make Clinton joyful after the story finish I tell a other story to Clinton.

    • Hi Crystal!
      Great to hear from you and lovely to hear that you have been helping others this half term.
      Keep spreading the joy – see you tomorrow,
      Mrs Henderson

  14. Over half term i have been to the cinema,pumpkin picking with my cousin beau and went to Clip & Climb for a birthday party. I also went to 2 spooky scary Halloween parties where i dressed up as a skeleton and played lots of fun games. I played lots of Uno and Fortnite with my dad and went on lots of trips with my mum.

    • Hi Harry,
      Thanks for your message – it’s great to hear from you. I love the sound of click and climb! You sound like you’ll need a holiday after all that!
      See you tomorrow,
      Mrs Henderson

  15. Hi Mrs Henderson
    I hope you are having a great time. On the half term I felt great and joyfull. Me and my brother played with my bunny and we played that: we had a snack and we said her to “Twist around” and if she did we gave snacks. On the second half of the break we went to Red Kangaroo, we went to the Clifton Leasure Center, after the we went to the shops to buy Lego to build and have some fun building. I did Lego called Lego Ninjago and it was fun building but it was a little bit hard and I planned building more. My mum had very hard Lego to build because she had owl Hedwig from Harry Potter which was moving her head wings. In my opinion my brother had easy Lego to build because he built Lego Thor- robot from Avengers, but my mum think’s that it was more harder than I think. We went few times in cinema, we watched “Harry Potter” film, “The Croods”, “Adams Family”, “Ron’s gone wrong”, “Shang-Chi”, “Paw Patrol”, and some more but i can’t remember. It was so fun in half term but I am so happy to go back to school.

    • Hi Filip,

      You holiday sounds excellent – particularly your Lego challenges. I can imagine making a Hedwig model would be challenging – perhaps bring a photo to school when you’ve done it 🙂
      A lovely review to your holiday.
      Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow,
      Mrs Henderson

  16. Hi
    Did any of you remember to do some reading and Mathletics or TTRS? Because I’ve done those thing’s.

  17. Hi Miss Henderson,
    In the holidays I went to sunset for a week, we came back for a day and then we had to get up really early in the morning to go on an airplane to Spain it was amazing lots of swimming pools and nice food I had lots of fun and made some new friends.I went back home on the airplane I’ve had a lovely holiday.I hope you have too.

    • Hi Rhian,

      You sound like you’ve had a wonderful time and done lots of travelling this half term. I hope you enjoyed your time in Spain and that it was warm enough to splash in the pool 🙂
      See you tomorrow,
      Mrs Henderson

  18. On the first friday, I went to newcastle, I went to see some english heritage sites. We looked at some parts of hadrians wall, which went across one side of the beach to another. We went to bamburg castle, Anlwick castle. Wewent to see our step-sister (Amelia). I went to planet bounce with my grandma and grandad.

  19. In the holidays we got lost in a Halloween maze and we also got our pumpkins. Then on that Saturday my dad went to Holland with work, but we had a Halloween party for him when he got back. I also went trick or treating and I got lots of sweets. I also did some table top yoga.

    • Hi Millie,
      Lovely to hear from you, and lovely to hear you’ve taken part in some half term yoga too! I hope you enjoy your last day off – looking forward to seeing you tomorrow,
      Mrs Henderson

  20. Hi Mrs Henderson,
    I had a good time with my family. Last week me and my family visited Chester zoo it was a great day for me. Me and my family enjoyed it. We seen so many animals, especially elephant,tiger, bear,kangaroo,lion, and different kinds of birds. After we went to seen aquarium. It was very fun. We spent 4 hours in the zoo. We ate nice food.

    • Hi Johanna,
      Great to hear from your an read your lovely review of your break. It sounds like you loved visiting the animals – I’m jealous that you saw a kangeroo!
      See you tomorrow,
      Mrs Henderson

  21. During my half term break i turned 9, I had a party at home with my family and another party at clip and climb with some of my school friends.
    We went to a drive in cinema and watched Hocus Pocas then we had a halloween party at my Aunties house.
    I enjoyed my break and looking forward to starting a new term at school.

    • Hi Riley,
      Well done for writing your recount here on the blog – it sounds like you’ve had a very spooky half term.
      See you soon,
      Mrs Henderson

  22. Hi mrs Henderson
    We have been to the pumpkin farm and got two giant pumpkins which we carved and decorated for Halloween. We also did the skeleton trial in the Wollaton Park, and we have been to the cinema. I had a great time playing with my family and friends

  23. I went to Skegness for a week, with my family. When we were there we went to the big, loud arcades and after I played with my friends, Rhys and Elliot. I also went tenpin bowling with Amelia, and Softplay at Eden with Josie and we were hot, sweaty and out of breath.

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