Year 4 Home Learning 5th January 2021

Year 4 Home Learning 5th January 2021

Here’s a few things to have a go at whilst school is closed.

We will have time together scheduled on Teams soon and more details will be available about this. Watch this space!

For today, there are already resources set up for you on Education City – please log in using the password in your Homework Diary and complete the Home Learning Activities in Classwork.

You will also have home learning packs available for collection this afternoon. Have a go at these activities on Wednesday.

  1. Multiplying by 0 and 1
  2. Reading Challenge about the skeleton
  3. Handwriting activity

When you’re not doing this it’s a good idea to do the following….

  • 15 minutes Mathletics/TTRS/Numbots
  • 15 minutes spelling practice in your books. Quizzes will continue each week.

Practice these, try using LOOK, SAY, COVER, WRITE, CHECK. Use the strategies in the back of homework diaries and practice writing them in full sentences of your own.

  • 15 minutes Reading aloud – and answer these question in full sentences in your workbook.

Who is in the story? What are they doing? Why? Where? How? How would you change the story?

We use our hands to help us with this in class….

I’ll be in touch very soon with more information!

Remember you are strong, brave and fearless. I promise I will see you very soon 🙂

Mrs Henderson


  1. Hi Mrs Henderson! Hope you are well, and is it okay if you could tell me your email so that I can send my amazon work to you😊. (I was doing the PowerPoint work)
    I also look forward to doing the work you have set today!
    Thank you.

  2. Hello! I was very suprised to find out school was in lockdown! But I’ve almost finished my education city work. Mrs. Henderson, on numbots I can’t seem to figure out the answer for the level I am on.

    • Hi Hayley,

      Great news – I’ve added some more activities on Education City to keep you busy and there will be tasks in your home learning book for tomorrow. These can be picked up at 315pm today 🙂

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