Year 4 Home Learning 6th January 2021

Hello Everyone!

I hope you are all well. Thank you to those who have picked up home learning packs. They will be available for collection again at 315pm today outside the Year 4 classroom.

Online lessons will start tomorrow.

Details following very soon.

Today please have a go at these activities.

Maths – Multiplying by 0 and 1

English – Reading Comprehension on the Human Skeleton

I will also schedule a quick meeting this afternoon at 1.30pm to have a go at spellings quiz! Hopefully see you all there.

Mrs Henderson


  1. hi, Mrs Henderson hope you are keeping well. i’ve just read that you are going to be setting up live lessons via Teams, Archie doesn’t have this set up yet and i was wondering who’s e mail address to use when setting this up?
    thank you Archies mum

    • Hi,

      Thanks for getting in touch. Archie has an account set up with us here in school which will require his school email address. I’ve set up a trial meeting for this afternoon which he has been invited to.
      However, Archie can only be invited to take part with the online lessons led by your child’s class teacher if you have previously replied to the Remote Learning Consent Letter (emailed to you today).

      To access Microsoft Teams, you will need to log in using your child’s school email ( with capital letters to begin both names) and the password: BRWClifton1
      Any problems, please feel free to check in with our school office or myself.
      Hopefully this will help.
      Best wishes
      Mrs Henderson

  2. Mrs Henderson for the meeting today I know that we only did the spelling but the pack that I had didn’t come with my spelling book so I am wondering if it was supposed to be like that🤔.
    Instead what I did was write it in the blue book.
    Was that okay for me to write it in the book(it was blank inside)?

  3. Hi Mrs Henderson it was nice to see you and the others today.Is there any work i need to print off ready for tomorrows online lessons?
    thank you, Archie

    • Hi Archie,
      The work is printed in your pack but it would be a good idea to check that you’ve got it. It’s available on the Home Learning blog too 🙂

  4. Okay! But I will still write the spellings in my blue book if that is okay🙂.
    Also since I have only 1 book should I write maths in it too?
    Sorry if I keep disturbing you😯.
    Thank you anyway.

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