Year 4 Home-School Learning

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Spring Term 2021

Hello Everyone!

Here’s the general timetable for the week. This may change depending on how we’re getting on in class. I’ll do a welcome board each day as part of your 9.40am session and updates are on Teams. All resources for online lessons will be on Teams in the Files section.

Keep focused, stay strong, keep working so hard!!!















Here are a few key other

things you can do to support your child at home…


· Regular use of Times Tables Rocks Stars and Mathletics will help the children master recall of their multiplication facts up to 12×12 by the end of Year 4.

· Encourage your children to read at home and ask them questions about what they are reading. This website has lots of ideas to support parents and carers with reading at home. 

Please continue to perfect spellings as normal. These are this half term’s spellings.

Spring Spellings 1st Half Term

There are lots of activities available on Education City for the children to use independently. 


 Create your own music with a band of beatboxers. This activity explores “Composition” and “Layering”

Free to use through a web browser 

All your support makes such an enormous difference!    
Mrs Henderson


Year 4 2019-2020

Hall of Fame!

Lovely home learning from Alice….

Here’s Evan’s highlights for this week…

Jamie has been busy down at the farm and Alice has been spreading joy with her Art, RE and Message of Hope! Beautiful use of colour!

Here’s Nathan on his epic bike ride.

Look at Ashleigh’s beautiful family photo portrait! This has inspired me!


Alice has been busy with cubism and Evan has been busy too! Have look…. Alice’s artwork is below and Evan has made a presentation for you to have a look at!

Egyptians E

Jamie has been busy as always….but this week he has been mummifying a tomato! Have look….

Mummy Apple[2304]


If you fancy a challenge, have a go at Thomas’ incredible Egyptian quiz! 

Thomas History Quiz (Page 1) Thomas History Quiz (Page 2) 

A little seed dispersal investigation here from Nathan…. and a wonderful PowerPoint from Alice about the Egyptians.

Alice’s Presentation History


Some fantastic examples of home learning from Isla, Nathan and Jamie here!

Here are Alice’s home-school efforts this week!

Evan and Hollie have just finished their books! Have a look….



Have a look at Thomas’ Egyptian God Wanted Poster! Here’s Evan and  Jamie’s one too…

Wanted poster

Thomas History Egyptian Gods 

More fantastic work to share…..

Evan has been getting creative…..

Nathan has been busy on nature walks in the countryside!

You’ll never believe this – here Alice and Evan have made incredible presentations on Mummification! Take a look! Evans Mummification[2030]


Here’s some more photos of home learning tasks by Kaylum, Evan and Alice.

Here’s a smiling Jamie with an enormous cake! Alice has been busy again! Have a look…

Here’s a little message from Hollie!

Here’s some wonderful work from Thomas, Nathan and Kaylum!Thomas History Hieroglyphics[817]

Just look at this incredible work from Nicolas, Jamie, Evan and Nathan! WOW! Can you work out the hidden messages? 

 A few more photos this week! These are from Evan, Alice, Jamie and Binil. Well done team!

Check out Thomas’ Egyptian funeral procession collage here…

Thomas History 8 June_ 

Jamie has been having fun in the sun!

More exciting work to share from Alice…..

Here’s a little video to inspire you from Wiktoria too. She’s recently donated her hair to raise money The Little Princess Trust. Well done Wiktoria!

Some more additions to our gallery! Thank you Thomas and Nathan 🙂 Thomas Geography JuneJamie has also been inspired to write a summary of another Philip Pullman book, this one is called ‘War Horse’. Enjoy reading it here….War-Horse-summary


Another fabulous piece of work – this time from Thomas….Thomas-History-1st-June-  


Here’s Kaylum’s Minecraft pyramid!

More photos of your great home school learning!

Thomas Geography_


Alice S has managed to mummify a tomato this week!


Here’s some successes from Evan, Nathan, Alice and Jamie! Thanks for sharing!


Well done Julia, Wiktoria, Alice,  Evan and honary Year 4 member….Lorelei!


Thomas Geography Jun