1. All of a sudden,I saw a strange girl in old leather clothes. I trotted towords the strange looking girl and gave her a nervous wave. The boy said,”Hello. What is your name Because my name is Harry.”
    My name is Om.” There was a moment of silence until the girl walked towards me. The scared girl offered Harry,”would you like to come and have some stew and meet my family?
    The boy replied “sure,why not?.” When I got there I saw how nice the family was and the gave me some stew

  2. all of the sudden, I saw a strange girl.” She walked up to me and said,” Who are you?” said the girl. so i said,” my name is Kadon.” said the boy. what is your name? Said the boy. My name is Om.
    would you like to come with me to my family?” said the girl.” OH YES PLEASE!

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