1. I have had an amazing time . I went to whitby with Aaron and mum and the dog Pip .I came back home on halloween and we went trick or treating and Pip had a little hat with fake hair and a collar with little bells .He was very cute .I went to work with Mum on Monday Tuesday Wednesday and Monday again and i did lots of sewing. I cant wait to come back to school.

    • Hi Lilly,
      It sounds like you had a busy break – looking forward to hearing about it today 🙂
      Mrs Henderson

  2. Hi Mrs Henderson i hope you have had a lovely two week holiday because I have. Last week I went on holiday to Whitby and it was so much fun.We stayed in a bed and breakfast house I even had a separate bedroom joined by a hallway in to my parents room. On Sunday we explored a bit more round the town and then on Monday in the morning went to Goathland and in the afternoon we crossed the bridge and went to the side were the abbey is. On Tuesday we stayed in the bed and breakfast and in the afternoon went swimming at the baths. Finally, on Wednesday we went upto the abbey and then to the beach 🏖 and last but not least we had a last blast 💥 on the last night in the arcade. I hope you have a lovely rest of the day and I’ll see you at school 🏫.

    • Hi Emily!
      You’ve written a wonderful, detailed recount here and I’ve enjoyed reading about your holiday!
      See you soon,
      Mrs Henderson

  3. I had a very fun time in the holidays and had fun attending to Jasmine’s Bithday paty, and my sisters (Joanna) Birthday! I Also remembered to practise my line’s ☺

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