1. Hello everyone!
    I have gotten a 10 out of 10 on spellings and i plan to get 60 out of 60 in my Ttrs test!

  2. Hello
    I think we just did these spellings today.
    Today I got 9/10 but next week I plan to get 10/10.
    I got the spelling of calendar wrong but I will get it right next time.

  3. Wow! Great work commenting on the blog Year 4! I’m so pleased you’re enjoying your homework. I will post it right here each week so that you know exactly what to do 🙂 Well done!

  4. Mrs Henderson I’ve lost the sheet For

    This weeks homework please may get anotherSheet for this week’s homework

    • Hi Taylor, you can download it from here or use the heading to make your own. We have more copies in class too.
      Mrs Henderson

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