Year 4 Look to the Future

  • Where did it come from?
  • Have the people in the village seen the rock sphere?
  • What might they be thinking/saying/doing?
  • Consider a possible character in this scene and how they would react (policeman, farmer, child, journalist/reporter, priest…).

In Year 4 the children have been learning how to make predictions based on images, considering carefully what has been implied or hinted at.

What do you think will happen next? Why?

Write your predictions below and I’ll get back to you very soon.

Don’t forget give reasons for your prediction and make sure these are based on the image,

Mrs Henderson


  1. We think that the police academy, firefighters, FBI will help evacuate everyone and the ambulance will help the villagers from the asteroids.

    We think they will evacuate the village immediately because they don’t want anyone to die or suffer (I think there are more than one or two villages. You’ll see if you look further into the valley)

  2. We think that the volcanic ball will desolve into lava, destroying the whole village.
    We think this because the volcanic ball looks like it’s going to explode into small pieces. We also feel that the people would be able to see it because the lava might have been dripping down the hill.We would like to think that people we get away safely.We noticed that there are actually 3 volcanic balls, this makes us think if the villagers would already be screaming and escaping.

    • Interesting- I like the idea of a volcanic ball!
      I like the fact that your prediction has used what you’ve seen in the picture to help you. Is there anything else in the picture which hints at what might happen next?

  3. We think that the two bolders will cascade down the mountain and will cause an earthquake and the whole village will have to evacuate the village and the police and firefighters will stop it .

    • A great idea – Spencer, what makes you think this will happen? Are there any clues in the picture?

  4. We think that the meteorite is going to collapse and speed down the hill will happen next is the police might warn everyone to quickly evacuate. We think this because the police had reports that there was a huge meteorite. We also feel the ground may collapse because the meteorite is so heavy. The meteorite makes us feel like it will fall immediately.

    • You’ve used some tremendous vocabulary here – i love your use of evacuate! I wonder – what makes you think the meteorite will fall soon? What gives you that impression from the picture?

  5. We think that the policemen go on the speakers and people will evacuate after seeing the boulder will happen next. We think this because the bolder near by is so big compared to the city so if they don’t they die. We also feel that they saw it miles away because there were 2 other boulders miles away. The boulders make us think that they were sent by someone or something. We would like to think somebody saved them like a superhero. We noticed that there were 3 boulders instead of 1!

    • Wow! I love how you’ve used a range of hints from the picture to help you make your prediction.
      I wonder – what happened before? How did the boulders get there?

  6. We think the village saw it and more people will see it soon will happen next because that atmosphere it gigantic.We think this because its big and clear to see from the village below.we also feel that the rock would fall upon the village.The thing that made us think the people saw it was that it was hanging from the mountain.

    • Clever use of the village in the picture to help you make your prediction.
      What do you think happened before this? How did the rocks get there?

  7. We think that the big rocks are asteroids and next, they will crush the villages. We think this because they look very unstable and they are on the edge of the mountains. We also feel that the people in the village will be scared when the huge rock will fall on them. The fact that the asteroids entered the Earth’s atmosphere and the Earth’s gravity pulled the asteroids to it make us think that the giant rocks are actually asteroids. We’d like to think that the police are calling other services to stop the boulder from falling and the police are telling everyone on the radio because they want the villagers to be alert. We noticed that it can go the other way so it means it could not hit the village.

    • How do you suppose the police will be able to stop the boulder? What would they use?
      Why do you suppose there are several boulders?

  8. We think that the police are helping people to evacuate from the village before the rock rolls down the hill, what will happen next is, after the rock has powered down the hill upon the village and destroyed the village every body will have evacuated.We think this because the hill is steep looking so it will help the rock to go down the hill faster.We also feel like the rocks in the background will also fall onto the village and crush the village.

  9. We think that the boulder might fall down the mountain because there is nothing holding it front and behind.Because there is nothing holding it.We also feel that it might fall backwards.The boulder makes us think that the town will get crushed to pieces.We want to think that the boulder falls backwards We noticed the that the boulder has something stoping it. This makes us think that it won’t fall and it won’t fall.

  10. We think that the rock will split in half because it might go too fast and split in half, it might cause an earth quake. There might be multiple earthquakes because there are three rocks. We think this because it is so steep and would go down the hill like 100mph. Also, it will go down the hill very fast because of its size because there are also lots of rocks.

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