• Hi Charlie! Amazing! In that case, aim for the WHOLE grid before the end of the week! If you manage it let me know, you may get a shout-out!
      Mrs Henderson

    • Hi Wiktoria,
      Great work! I love baking. Have a look on the Year 4 Home-Learning Page – there are also more tasks for this week there to keep you busy.
      Mrs Henderson

  1. The full number of age of my family is 103. But I have a lot of other family members in my extended family. I just couldn’t count them all.

  2. Hi Mrs Henderson I have been on MathFrame this morning and my best score is 25 and I got that score 5 times in a row!

    • WOW! Well done! You can adjust the difficulty if you fancy a challenge – I’m sure you will!
      Keep working hard Thomas.

    • Click on the red writing Chidubem and you’ll find it there! Happy calculating! I think you’ll really enjoy it!

  3. Mrs Henderson I’ve been doing TTRS almost every day and I score 186,890 speed and I am enjoying it.

    • Wonderful! I hope that it was a chocolate cake – they are my favourite!
      Happy Birthday Elizabeth!

  4. Mrs Henderson I have listened to the first chapter of The firework makers daughter and wrote down what the chapter was about.

    There was once a girl called Lila with her father Lachland. Lila’s mother died when Lila was a baby.So Lila’s father took over the care. Lachland was a firework maker. Also when Lila was young Lachland built a cradle for her to listen and see the colours and crackles of the fireworks. When Lila grew up Lachland began to teach Lila how to make simple fireworks. One day Lila went to Tulak (her friend). Tulak was a servant of an white eliphant. Only he and Lila knew that the white eliphant (Hamlet) could talk.

    • Wiktoria – what a wonderful piece of writing about our class text! Well done. I really like your clear use of a capital letters and full stops. I think I can spot the correct use of a possessive apostrophe and some brackets too!
      I might just share this on the English blog page too!
      Well done!

  5. We played the board game called Pay Day, to see how much money I saved and paid out after each months pay. I won!

    • Hi Nathan!
      A great example! I love a good card game – see how many more of the challenges you can tick off now.

    • Excellent! A great example of real life mathematics! I hope you are well Freya and keeping busy with our tasks.
      P.s. Save me a brownie 😉

  6. The full number of age in my family is 1021 but I have lots of cousins in India.
    Wednesday 22nd April 2020

    • Wow! That’s a lot of addition! See if you can achieve a full set of these challenges – you may even get at shout-out!

  7. Hi Mrs Henderson, I have baked a Rhubarb & Apple crumple with my dad we checked all the ingredients out beforehand, Once it was baked we ate it all up it was delicious.
    I have also played a boar game, drawn around some coins and created a dot to dot challenge in my garden.

    • Hi Alex! Great to hear from you! Fabulous real life maths! I bet it took a while to convert all of those. Well done!
      Keep in touch.

    • Hi James! Good to hear from you! It sounds like your home learning is going well. Well done. Keep it up!

    • Great work Freya! I’m proud to hear that! You can always adjust the difficulty if you want even more of a challenge!
      Have a great day too.

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