Year 4 Pup-date!

Friday is normally a pup-date day in Year 4 so here you are…..

Here’s Juno, one of our BRW family dogs.

How would you describe this little bundle of mischief?

Tell me below! I’ll make sure I read them to Juno too 🙂

Feel free to litter your description with well-chosen vocabulary and perhaps some expanded noun phrases.


  1. Juno,with his cute little wet nose and his chocolate brown eyes,sits waiting patiently in anticipation of a ball to be thrown.

  2. In that mischievous pose that Juno is sitting in, it looks to me that she is hiding something,hmm…I wonder what she has ripped now with her sharp teeth.

    • Some excellent sentences there Thomas. You have intrigued me by saying that she might be hiding something. That would be a great story opening!
      Mrs Henderson

  3. Juno is a adorable dog and she is up to mischief.

    I like the way she’s quiet and peaceful and I wish I can have her in my house.

    • Hi Elizabeth! Great to hear from you. I hope you are well. I’m pleased you like the photograph. I really like your use of the words mischief and peaceful. Very well chosen.
      Keep in touch,
      Mrs Henderson

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