Year 4 Pupdate!

It’s a Friday so here’s she is! Juno sunbathing!

Did you know that dogs have 3 sets of eyelids? They have adapted this way to help protect their eyes when their heads are busy scurrying around in fields, water and maybe even mud!

They also have very wet noses! This is to help them absorb scent chemicals! When they lick their noses it tells them more about what they are smelling around them.

Find out some more facts about animals which have adapted- write them below. JFF (Just for fun).


  1. Adaption fact- Starfish can regenerate lost body parts following a predator’s attack. Random fact- Slugs have four noses. Also I had no idea that dogs had 3 sets of eyelids.

    • Great facts Alice 🙂 Although now I’ve wondering why slugs have four noses!!!! I might do some research myself now.

    • Interesting! I think these type of teeth are called molars in humans. I wonder if that’s the same for gorillas too?

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