Year 4 – The Firework Maker’s Daughter Week 5

Here’s your English plans for this week!

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I really am here and I really do love reading them πŸ™‚

Y4 English Week 5

UPDATE – 21ST MAY 2020

Wow Year 4! I am loving the writing I am seeing underneath here in the comments section. You are selecting incredible wow words and really crafting imaginative sentences with them.Β 


PS. I can’t wait to read more πŸ™‚


  1. Could you let me know where I can find the french homework please Mrs Henderson the -Les Animaux as I am struggling to find where it’s not on the homework sheet. Thanks Hollie’s dad

  2. I read the iron man chapter 3 a family went o a picnic and a small rumble orocured the mother said there was a earth quake in Japan the little boy said a earth quake in japan! The dad explained how earth quakes can effect us even if the country is far away the the cloth started sagging and going into the cliff the tomato and all of the food were going in to the cliff a big metal hand came out of the cliff then a face came out of the cliff it was the iron man

    • Hi Chidubem! Great to hear from you! I’m pleased you are enjoying re-reading the Iron Man! Love your description of what happened.

      There is a WOW word of the week you could have a go at today and don’t forget to check out our other English tasks – they are on the red link above. Just click on them to find out more. Looking forward to hearing more from you πŸ™‚

  3. My five new words are merriment, dwindled, feeble, aimlessly and dazed.

    Once Lila arrived at the Grotto all sense of merriment she felt vanished. Upon setting eyes on the fire imps, her level of bravery dwindled, any strength she had ebbed away. She suddenly felt feeble. She aimlessly stumbled around the Grotto because she was blinded by the dancing fire all around her. She was completely dazed.

    • I love the ambitious language you have selected for this description. It really helped me to imagine the grotto itself and Lila’s feelings as she stood there!

    • Hi Charlie! You are making good progress through the book – well done πŸ™‚ The last chapter really is my favourite – just wait until you read all about the fireworks!

  4. My five words- Gloomy, grating, groaned, astonished and smothered.

    Lila entered the gloomy cave. She heard something grating along the rocks. At that moment she groaned as she had come this far for nothing. Astonished Lila saw some flames come together, they smothered the cave like flames on a bonfire.

    • Good Morning Evan!

      Well done, a lovely paragraph with well linked ideas! I love your use of ‘astonished’ to open the sentence. I almost feel like I’m IN the grotto myself πŸ™‚

  5. The grotto was as steamy as a sauna. The temperature was getting hotter and hotter. Molten lava dripped down the walls like hot candle wax. Fire spirts were flickering like stars in the night sky. Lila was as still as statue admiring the cave. Below her feet lava started to appear, like a red hot carpet.

    • Grotto description –
      The grotto was as steamy as a sauna. The temperature was getting hotter and hotter. Molten lava dripped down the walls like hot candle wax. Fire spirts were flickering like stars in the night sky. Lila was as still as statue admiring the cave. Below her feet lava started to appear, like a red hot carpet.

      • Hi Evan! We had some blog problems on Friday. I’m pleased to see all your comments have come through eventually though. I’m loving your resilience…..and your wonderfully well-written similes πŸ™‚

  6. My five new words for the week are:
    Smothered, grating, dwindled, feeble, dazed

    Lila entered the grotto, she heard a grating sound. What could it be? She was suddenly dazed by a blinding light and there before her stood Razvani. She felt quite feeble stood before him and any ideas of making fireworks dwindled. Razvani smothered the fire in the grotto and began to speak…

    • Hi Nathan!
      Honestly, I felt like I was in the grotto when I read this! I love the use of dwindled….people often say that ‘hope dwindles’. You have used your chosen vocabulary really well. Be proud!

  7. The grotto lit up like a firework explosion. The floor was a sea of red lava and fire elves were dashing around ruling the volcano. The walls melted like falling men in battle. The sound of bubbling hot lava melted the rocks around the volcano like a blacksmith smelting iron. Ghosts crying like a monkey screaming, saying leave the grotto or you will perish in the flames.

    • I love the similes you have used here! I particularly like the one about men falling in battle.
      I also love how you started a sentence with ‘Ghosts crying’. Starting with a noun is a way to engage the reader.
      Well done Jamie πŸ™‚

  8. My Grotto:

    The grotto was large and beautiful, it looked like a Cathedral with dazzling natural crystals, sparkling like diamonds
    in the immense underground.

  9. Depressing. Exaggerated. Gloomy. These were all the things a dark, silent grotto looked like. Rocks were miserably indented into the wall, and faint, eerie voices hummed in the air. It was dull, lifeless and bleak, as if someone had rubbed it out without putting care into redrawing it. Suddenly, a thin, flickering flame licked out of the wall with the power of an ant’s footsteps. Instantaneously, followed another and another until one single flame jabbed at the room. Mischievous imps emerged out of the floor, bent on destroying everything they saw. They smothered and smashed, lunged and ate until their bodies inflated like a balloon. Between bubbling sulphur and boiling lava, the demons wrestled with each other until they withered to a wisp. The lava brewed like tomato soup, steaming hot but drowning you. Molten rock floor became lightening that slyly writhed across the ground, reducing Lila’s feet to ashes. Abruptly, the chaos ended, and the room seemed to bow down low. Who was it?

    • I love the level of care and attention which you have shown your description Elyon. Your descriptive language, similes and noun phrases are well crafted.
      I’ve LOVED reading this today πŸ™‚

  10. My words are: dazed, grating, anvils, imps and trudged.

    Lila walked deeper into the earth as the air got less and less breathable. She finally pushed herself up and stood before her dazed a dazzling light. So she walked towards it… and there he was the spectacular fire fiend himself Razvani emerged from his slumber. Suddenly, a grating sound awoke, and as if that were a sign the room turned into an ocean of lava. One after the other, anvils clashed against the surface and imps trudged among the fiery flames.

    • Hi Dylan! Carefully chosen words here – I love your use of imps and anvils! Beautifully and accurately constructed sentence – be proud πŸ™‚

  11. Lila entered the gloomy cave. All of a sudden the rocky wall tore its self open. Lila was astonished as red flames licked and crackled the air and as the steaming flames melting the rocks.

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