Year 4 WOW Word of the Week

In Year 4 we always love to learn new words and challenge ourselves to use them in our conversations and writing.

Which new words have you learnt this week?

This week, my new favourite word is…..


It’s a noun it means as a result or effect of….and normally it’s something quite unpleasant!

Try to use it in your own sentence. Here are some examples…

There would be a consequence for breaking the rules!

Obviously he did not realise the consequences of this actions.

You can also use it as an adverb i.e.

Consequently, he would have to go to bed early!

Mrs Henderson


    • Oh no! I hope you manage to catch up Dylan 🙂 Great sentence – particularly the use of If at the start!

    • WOW! What a sentence Chidubem! I love your use of ‘horrifyingly’ and how you have included ‘so’ to extend your sentence! Glorious 🙂

  1. If you don’t look after your belongings, you may have to pay the consequence of them going missing. 🤔

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