Year 4 WOW Word of the Week

In Year 4 we always love to learn new words and challenge ourselves to use them in our conversations and writing.


Which new words have you learnt this week?


This week, my new favourite word is…..



It’s an adjective, it’s a way to describe something which is from an early stage in history or a condition that is not developed.


Try to use it in your own sentence. Here are some examples…


Primitive humans learned how to use fire.


I have only a primitive understanding of how computers work.


The technology they used was primitive and outdated.


The camp had only a primitive outdoor toilet.


Mrs Henderson


    • Morning Nathan!
      It’s good to see that you’re up early and already doing your WOW word sentence.
      Great use of the word although I have a feeling that you know quite a bit about flying….and planes!
      Have a lovely day 🙂

    • Morning Hollie! A great example.

      I’m so pleased to see you are online early and engaging in your tasks with such energy! Well done!

    • Morning Dylan!

      Yes, you’re right. Great use of the word. I think it’s the name of a movie too 🙂

    • Hi Evan!
      Another excellent example – I love the extra detail you’ve managed to add to your sentence after using the word ‘with’
      Top Tip – Watch out for the apostrophe in it’s –> it is. It’s a cheeky contraction!

    • Hi Elyon! A great sentence and good use of the word Neanderthals too! It’s a double wow-word sentence 🙂

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