Year 4

WELCOME TO THE YEAR 4 BLOG! This year is our time to …..SHINE!

Firstly, I’d like to say a warm welcome back  (and Happy New Year!)  to all of Year 4 and their parents. I am thoroughly looking forward to this term and it is  already looking like it will be one which captures the children’s interests!

The children have already made some tremendous progress in the Autumn Term and we will be continuing to work incredibly hard. We will also have time for lots of fun along the way!  The children will be given many exciting learning opportunities throughout the term— both in the classroom and further afield. I hope they are ready for the challenges which await them!

What can we learn about life in the Dark Ages?

As a school we are revelling in this year being the children’s Time to Shine! As a  result, we’ve decided to cast some light onto what life was like in the times of the Anglo-Saxons!  In support of this, we will be reading the stories of The Snow  Walker’s Son, Beowulf and The Iron Man in class and  we will be using them to inspire our writing. We will be journeying back in time as we visit learn about these early settlers and the lives they led. In  Geography we will be using studying different types of settlements whilst learning more about how and why the Anglo Saxons chose to settle in the British Isles.


In RE the children will be working alongside Miss Ferrara. We will be learning about our Community, Giving & Receiving and Self-Discipline. Judaism will be a focus of our studies in other faiths and we will have chance to experience the celebration of Passover as part of our Holy Week celebrations. Year 4 will also re-enact Jesus’ Entry into Jerusalem towards the end of term.


Our scientific investigations will be inspired by this period in history as we  generate light ourselves! We will learning more about electricity as we construct electrical circuits, learn about insulators and investigate materials which conduct electricity!

In Mathematics we will be working hard to develop our strategies of multiplication and division. We will be improving our knowledge and recall of our  multiplications facts up to the 12 x table and we will be using Times Tables Rocks Stars on a weekly basis to hone these skills. We will also have chance to further  develop our problem solving skills during the school’s celebration of NSPCC Number Day later in the term.


In Art, we will be continuing our journey back in time  to the Anglo Saxon era as we create fa final piece which focuses on textures. In Design and Technology we will be using we will be learning to construct shelters both in the classroom and as part of our Forest School sessions. During PE we will be learning the skills to play basketball and even have the chance to improve our balance and coordination during our Gymnastics lessons.   When we are in the Computer Lab, we will be learning about writing computer programs. We will also be using our time in the lab to learn more about maps of local settlements over time.

Homework & Reading

Your child will continue to receive homework each week. Homework will be set on a Tuesday/Wednesday and should be brought into school the following week on the Monday. It will be used for class discussions and follow-up work during the lessons that week. A list of spellings will be given out each week and spelling/multiplication fact quiz will take place each Tuesday.

Reading should occur each night at home or as often as possible. Once a few pages have been read, please ask your child questions about the text to check they have understood. Please remind your child to change their reading book when required.

Extra tasks or class projects may be set throughout the term. Details of these will continue to be written in your child’s Homework Diary. The Homework Diary should be brought into school every day and MUST be checked and signed each week after homework is completed.

Please encourage your child to read at home, complete their homework and learn their spellings/timetables. PE kit is due each Monday.

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you in advance for your support and co-operation in Year 4. I hope your child finds this term in Year 4 a fun-filled, happy and successful one!

Mrs Henderson


  1. Paddington Bear, who sat on a squashy chair, ate a marmalade sandwich.
    Paddington Bear, who loves marmalade sandwiches, is from Peru.
    Paddington Bear, who is the most mischievous bear, always wears a blue coat and a red hat.

  2. Paddington Bear who, filled his face with marmalade could not see his face.
    Paddington who, travelled to London, ate marmalade.
    Paddington Bear who, stuffed his hat with marmalade, explored London.

  3. It had always been there.Many people passed without hesitation never looking at the dragon.I took my second look and the dragon moved his head slowly. Then the next day I heard the dragons claws scrape on the bandstand. I thought It was more than just a statue.Each day I would freeze on the way.I grew goosebumps as I went closer to the statue. I thought I was imagining it or being incredibly crazy. As I went to my classroom desk I saw my best friend Joanna and I told her about the creature. How would she believe me?Amazingly she did. As the sky darkened the dragon went to hunt when people were asleep.

  4. She went to her classmates and said that she heard a suspicious noise from the dragon and then the classmates paused like frozen ice.Then the classmates said “Did you just say that you heard a noise from the dragon “Yes I did hear a noise from the dragon? Then she sneaked out onto the playground and she gazed at it one more time. She got caught out on the playground looking at it . Soon it was the end of the day. She told her mother what happened. Today for a split second . It’s claws had moved then a blazing hot bolt came out of the sky. Like a rocket. Then it was bedtime she was sleeping with her family. She was scared that it was going to come back. The next morning I was very tired because of that busy day. I was sleepy and I hesitated doing the work at school.

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