Year 4


Summer 2022

Firstly, I’d like to say a warm welcome back to all of Year 4 and their parents. I am thoroughly looking forward to this term and can’t wait to make the most of each moment we have together. The    children have already demonstrated their BRW courage and resilience during past two terms. The sky is the limit as they embark  upon their last term in Year 4.

What can we learn about life in Ancient Egypt?

As you know, this year has been the time for us to continue to demonstrate our BRW strength of spirit! Our focus in class will be discovering more about impact life in the Ancient Egyptian times. We will learn more about the uses of the Nile, King Tutankhamun and all kinds of Ancient Egyptian traditions!  In our English lessons we will use whole class reading time to find our more about great pharaohs and write instructions for mummification. Our class reads for this term will be Varjak Paw by SF Said, The Firework Maker’s Daughter by Philip Pullman and Cloudbusting by Malorie Blackman. All of these high quality texts will be a focus for our in-class sessions and give us chance to  develop our reading and writing skills further. RE will continue to be the heart of our curriculum and the children will be working alongside Miss Ferrara during their Come and See sessions. The topics include New Life, Building Bridges and God’s People.  Sikhism will also be a focus of our studies in other faiths.  In Art the children will learn more about the famous artist Picasso and the sculptor Nick Mackman as they experiment with pattern and clay.  In D&T the children will have chance to cook up an Egyptian feast, creating recipes worthy of an Egyptian picnic banquet! We will learn more about key aspects of human and physical geography as we learn about contrasting climate zones around the world. We will also be using maps and atlases to locate the Nile, key temples and the pyramids.  We will find about the difference between weather and climate and learn how a place’s location affects its climate. Our scientific investigations will focus on how sound is created and how it travels. We will also be learning more about living things and their habitats. In Mathematics we will be continue to learn more about fractions and will also be conquering the world of decimals. We will be also be continuing to improve our knowledge and recall of our multiplications facts up to the 12 x table as we prepare for our own  in-house end of year multiplication test in June. In PE, we will be transforming ourselves into modern day Olympians as we prepare for our annual Key Stage 2 Sports Day with Mrs Toyne. We will also find some time to develop our striking and fielding skills as we take on cricket alongside Coach Fearne.   In  Music we will learn to sing as part of a choir alongside Mr Treloar and we will learn more about the history of music through the ages in class. When we are in the Computer Lab, we will be using Lego to build our very own model of the Sphinx and we will be finding more out about hardware and networks.

How you can help… supporting your child.

I have had many parents come to me asking how best to support their children with us here at BRW. As a result, here are a few key things which can prove invaluable in supporting your child.
  • Check homework newsletters which go out each Monday. This will have up-to-date information on the children’s activities too.
  • Regular use of Times Tables Rocks Stars, Numbots and Mathletics will help the children master recall of their multiplication facts up to 12×12 by the end of Year 4. The expectation if for them to play for 10 minutes per day.
  • Encourage your children to read at home daily and ask them questions about what they are reading. Reading aloud is great, talking about the book together really helps develop children understanding of the story and vocabulary.
  • Ensure children are wearing the correct uniform, have full PE kit and are on time for school at 8:45am.
Year 4 will undertake a Multiplication Test in June. This will focus on all multiplication facts up to 12 x 12. Please help support your child with  revision at home. This website is a great place to start which replicates the test and help children prepare and feel confident! All your support makes such an enormous difference! Mrs Henderson


  1. It had always been there.Many people passed without hesitation never looking at the dragon.I took my second look and the dragon moved his head slowly. Then the next day I heard the dragons claws scrape on the bandstand. I thought It was more than just a statue.Each day I would freeze on the way.I grew goosebumps as I went closer to the statue. I thought I was imagining it or being incredibly crazy. As I went to my classroom desk I saw my best friend Joanna and I told her about the creature. How would she believe me?Amazingly she did. As the sky darkened the dragon went to hunt when people were asleep.

  2. She went to her classmates and said that she heard a suspicious noise from the dragon and then the classmates paused like frozen ice.Then the classmates said “Did you just say that you heard a noise from the dragon “Yes I did hear a noise from the dragon? Then she sneaked out onto the playground and she gazed at it one more time. She got caught out on the playground looking at it . Soon it was the end of the day. She told her mother what happened. Today for a split second . It’s claws had moved then a blazing hot bolt came out of the sky. Like a rocket. Then it was bedtime she was sleeping with her family. She was scared that it was going to come back. The next morning I was very tired because of that busy day. I was sleepy and I hesitated doing the work at school.

  3. I love doing work and I cant wait for the next weeks of the witches and learning about
    the stone age and doing more and more homework and I can wait for more spellings and work. My favourite subject is engilsh because I love writing.

  4. i loved doing work because i want to go back to school and have fun and i wanted to do my homework and it was so much fun so i wanted to do more school homework and it was nearly fun as my head burst right now because i liked my work i loved being at school i can be at school so learn i go to school to work i go to school to do my English and maths and science and come and see so i kept on doing my mathletices to earn points
    so i kept doing my mathletices so i kept on doing and doing and doing and doing until i win all the points

  5. I love working about witches I can’t wait to write The last paragraph I also love learning about the Stone Age and the world I love doing education city and times table rockstars and Mathletics I also love learning about the skeletons and all the Bones in our body the best thing I learned in this month is that we got to measure different people and we also got to work together
    I can’t wait for what’s next

    • WOW Taylor! I love your enthusiasm! I’m so pleased that you are enjoying our work in class! Keep the energy up – you are a super star 🙂

  6. I love this class but sometimes it gets hard and I go in the pit but I always work it out in the end.🙂🙂🙂🙂

  7. My sister is on the the top of this page and she saw the post and had deja by its the Paddington comment

    • I’m pleased that you are enjoying life in Year 4 Taylor! We love teaching you! Don’t forget to have a read of The Stone Age Boy – it’s on the blog ready for you 🙂

  8. 1. The boy was relieved when he met someone because he thought they might help.
    2. She had animal skin as clothes, she went up to a stranger as a child which is something children today would not do and did not wear jewellery with gold or jewels but with shells and stone.
    3. Om was different because she used stone knives, she had shells and rocks as jewellery and used fire to scare animals.
    4. I think they yelled at the reindeer because they wanted to scare it.
    5. Everybody had a party because they had caught a creature that could run fast.
    6. I think they thought it was strange because they didn`t know what a guitar was as the boy was from the future and since the boy didn’t have a real guitar, he pretended to have one.
    7. She started a fire by strucking flint stones together.
    8. He felt small when he saw the bear because it was a big, furious cave bear, a bear in its perfect environment.
    9. I think the boy became an archaeologist when he was older because he wanted to find Om.
    10. The experience he had was a dream because he said he was gone for weeks but everybody else said that he had gone for a few hours.

    • Hi Daniel,

      Thank you for your message and the answers to all the questions. I’ve really enjoyed reading them and seeing the detail and effort you have put into each answer. Each answer includes words from the question and your accurate punctuation is a real strength! Well done. It sounds like you enjoyed the book.
      Have a wonderful rest of the half term. I’ll see you Monday!
      Mrs Henderson

  9. I can’t find the maths sheet for the 9th of November and I can’t find it on the blog
    Can you please help me.

    • Hi Taylor, it’s on the Year 4 Blog, called Homework. There are always sheets in the drawer too.

  10. Mrs Henderson, when I try to go on the maths and English sheets it won’t let me and I am really trying to get on it every time but it wont let me!!! 🙁

    • Hi Joanna,
      I’ve now removed last week’s resources from the page and will post this week’s today. I’m also sending a help sheet to your parents which you might find useful.
      I’ll upload today’s resources in the next hour.

      Log into Team, click on the ‘Files’ section at the headings section. Once there, click ‘Class Materials’ and you’ll see our files. You will need to find the … and right click on it. Then click the button to download each one.
      See you later 🙂

  11. Mrs Henderson my education on my lap top dosen’t seem to be working
    should I keep trying? or should I just do something else whilst I wait for it to work like numbots or times tables rock rock stars

  12. On the table stood some chocolaty, delightful cookies as chocolaty as chocolate itself. Around the cookies sat delectable, tasty Chinese egg-fried rice. Throughout the banquet lay stacks of dry, yummy biscuits. Along the edge of the banquet table rested watery, emerald cucumber as watery as an ocean. On the corners of the table perched some fresh, raspberry cheesecake as fresh as a growing flower seed

    • Hi Maci! A great effort at creating your own banquet. It made me quite hungry! You used propositions well to describe where the food was.
      Top tip for next time – when using a simile try to compare the subject to something new i.e. you could compare chocolate to rich treacle! 🙂

  13. Ezra had always been interested in many things. One day when Ezra was on a walk with her dog and she was pretending to fly (with her arms out) and her hand was in a different world. Then she went in.

    When she got in it was a world full of yummy snacks and treats such as biscuits, pizza, cheesecake and party food. She looked all around the banquet and she saw a penguin serving food, and the penguin said, “If you want to eat a treat you will be my raw meat!”.

    Ezra carried on exploring around and she had forgot what the penguin had said and found a delightful, delicious chocolate bar. Her mouth was watering so she took a bite. Then she had remembered what the penguin had said.

    She ran across the hall but she couldn’t find her way back so she kept on running as fast as she could. Ezra ran one way then she ran the other, she ran up and down and side to side then she found the way out.

    Ezra got out of the mess and went back to her home. She brought back something a little special… she brought back the rest of the chocolate bar and she ate every piece of it and it was delightful in her mouth.

    Sadly, Ezra went back to go through again to get another chocolate bar but the couldn’t go through again so it was like a one time offer to Ezra. She went back home and could tast the chocolate still in her mouth.

    • Hi Maci,
      Well done for posting your first three paragraphs. I’ve enjoyed reading it and hearing about the banquet.
      Top Tip – Try to use more description in each paragraph so that you have 5-7 sentences per paragraph. Perhaps add a simile or expanded noun phrase to interest the reader 🙂

  14. Yesterday, we went to red kangaroo (a trampoline park) to train some of my awesome flips and tricks. We played there for exactly 3 hours. Also, there was a ninja warrior area with a foam pit,(there were 3 foam pit areas altogather). The second foam pit area had 2 small trampolines on the floor and one long trampoline on the wall. I think the size of the foam pit is 10×3.5m which equals 35 square meters. My best trick was a real 180 BACKFLIP bounced off the trampoline on the wall!!! 😎😏

    • Hi David,
      I really enjoyed reading your description of your holiday so far. I feel a little jealous of your time at the trampoline park and am incredibly impressed you managed a 180 degree backflip! Some excellent real life maths there too.
      Enjoy the rest of your break. See you soon 🙂
      Mrs Henderson

  15. So far I went bowling for Riley’s birthday with my mum (I won) then went to the arcades and McDonald’s after,
    Some of my class friends went to clip and climb for Riley’s birthday that was alot of fun!
    We carved out pumpkins last night all ready for Halloween I’m so excited.
    My mum and dad brought me a new drone ball that Is my new favourite toy. See you all soon from tommy

    • Hi Tommy!
      Lovely to hear from you and all of the exciting things you have been up to. You’ve crated this paragraph beautifully with perfect use of conjunctions and punctuation 🙂
      Well done Tommy – see you soon,
      Mrs Henderson

  16. A few days ago, I went to clifton skatepark and I’ve been trying to land a tailwhip for such a long time, on a scooter (If you don’t know what a tailwhip is, it’s a trick where you whip the deck 360 degrees clockwise and land it with two feet) and guess what, I have FINALLY landed it 6 times!

    • Wow David! Great news about the tailwhip! YOu’ve taught me something new already today 🙂

  17. First I went swimming on Saturday and after that I went on a long bike ride with my dad, we also went on the park. I got a remote control car from Smyth’s, that was a Lamborghini and I had McDonald’s for dinner afterwards. I stayed up until 9.45 pm on Wednesday night and I also got lots of sweets on Halloween from trick or treating 🎃.
    On Monday (the extra day that we got off) I sat with my dog Lenny.

    • Hi Fearne!
      It sounds like you had a great time and like you have expensive tastes with that lamborghini!
      See you soon,
      Mrs Henderson

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