Year 4’s WOW Word of the Week

In Year 4 we always love to learn new words and challenge ourselves to use them in our conversations and writing.

Which new words have you learnt this week?

This week, my new favourite word is…..


It’s a noun, it means to show the attitude of a person who is overly proud themselves or of their own opinions about something that going to happen.


Try to use it in your own sentence. Here are some examples…


She is far too arrogant to learn the error of her ways.

Is he arrogant enough to think that?

Are you arrogant enough to say that you have no need for help?

Mrs Henderson


  1. Hi Mrs Henderson that is an amazing wow word for this week. I hope that you are having a nice day.

  2. I think that some people may be arrogant when they have have done something and they think that it is better than everyone’s work.

    • I’m pleased you like the word Hollie! Great sentence too!
      Yes, I’m having a lovely day thank you. I’m reading Year 4’s blog comments and drinking a little coffee 🙂

  3. The other children thought Thomas was arrogant when he told them he was the best mathematician in the school!

    • I like how you have used your first clause in this sentence – very creative! Accurate use of the word!

  4. The other children thought Jennie was smug and arrogant because she was always boasting about her science skills.

  5. The children in the class thought that William was arrogant because he always said that he was the best writer.

    • Hi Jamie! Great to hear from you! I love your use of the word in a sentence. Keep it up!
      Don’t forget you can add also publish your English work on our Firework Maker’s Daughter – Week 2 blog. I’d love to see more of your work 🙂

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