Year 5 Dig, Discover and Debate!

Year 5 LOVE  debating (don’t you Year 5!) and they had to put their persuasive techniques to the test in geography.

What did you have to do Year 5?

Firstly, we were challenged to sort various sources according to whether they linked to the human or  the physical geography of Greece. We discovered lots of facts about the geography of Greece.
After that, we held a class debate to decide whether all our groups agreed. We all had chance to speak and there was some sensational debating with lots of geographical enquiry.

Challenges –

Define the terms ‘physical geography’ and ‘human geography’.

Tell me about a source that caused some debate as to whether it linked to the phyical or human geography of Greece.

How have physical geographical aspects of Greece impacted on its ability to attract tourists?

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  1. I remember this task! It was so enjoyable and everyone had different thoughts about the different sources we were shown.
    Physical Geography: Something that was created by the planet. Example: Tree
    Human Geography: Something man-made (made by a human). Example: Roads
    Some sources that caused debate were the grids because people were discussing that the grid was made by a human but some people were discussing that the information was physical.
    The physical geographical aspects has impacted on the tourism of Greece in a bad and good way.The graph that shows the disasters makes them not want to go because they don’t want to get in danger however the scenery in the pictures makes them want to come.

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