Year 5 Have More Mail!

So many of you have been sending me examples of your work throughout this term and it makes me so happy to receive them!

Cole’s drawing of ‘The Scream’ by Edvard Munch
Jacob’s fantastic description of planet Pandora
Cassie created her own planet, which was annotated with descriptions and information!

Imogen wrote a monologue, which was chosen to be read by a famous actor for the Notts Stopping Festival! It was published here if you’d like to listen:  

Charlotte’s explorer challenge
Cassie’s letter from Paul to Saul
Charlotte’s survival guide
Cassie’s reading work about the Jungle Book and she has learnt how to punctuate direct speech.


  1. Happy birthday Damian! And i cant believe Imogen had her monologue read by an actor! (well i can believe it really because Imogen is a great writer!)Plus i made my planet on block star planet AND minecraft!

    • Hi Cassie, thank you so much, I am so glad you liked it, and well done on your movie star planet and Minecraft work. Love from Imogen

  2. Hi Miss Andrew hope everyone is having a wonderful time where ever you are.
    I’m very proud off my own work. And hopefully everyone else is proud of their work to.
    See you soon.😄

    • Hi Charlotte! I’m having a wonderful time thank you, I hope you are too. And so you should Charlotte, you have worked incredibly hard to produce some lovely work! 🙂

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