Year 5 Home-School Learning

Welcome to the BRW Home-School Learning Page

Welcome Year 5 to your online classroom!

Every day you should aim to do 1 hour of school work a day.

Make sure you have a good place to complete your work, that is quiet and has no distractions!


Hi Year 5, I hope that you had a lovely, restful Easter and enjoyed eating lots of chocolates! I’m missing you all so much and cannot wait to get back to school. For now though, please continue to comment on the blog so that we can catch up and I can see all of the wonderful things you’re doing at home.

Please remember that if you have any queries about the work, comment on the blog or email the office and I will get back to you. If you need paper packs, again please email the office. 


As we begin our Summer term, we also have a new topic…. TIME TO SHINE: How Does Our Earth Work?

Maths & English

Every Monday I will upload a weeks worth of Maths and English lessons on the Year 5 Blog page. The activities will be attached as a PDF document for you to download and complete. If you have any questions, leave me a message in the comments box.

Our English texts this term are ‘The Explorer’ by Katherine Rundell and ‘The Jungle Book’ by Rudyard Kipling. We will also be doing some creative writing around some space videos! You can purchase these two books second hand or listen on Audiobooks Amazon.

Maths will be a mixture of new content and revision. Please continue to use Mathletics and TTRS weekly and use the White Rose website for help and support.


This term we will be covering two science topics; earth and space and forces. During the topic about Earth and Space we will explore how the Earth, moon and Sun move, how day and night is created, what the solar system is and learn about the moon.


Our new geography topic is all about volcanoes and earthquakes by looking at their features, where they are located, how they occur and the impact they have on societies.


Our artist this term is Edvard Munch and we will be looking at his famous drawing of ‘The Scream’ and trying to create our own volcano drawing in the style of ‘The Scream’.


Each week I will be posting a RE lesson linked to our topic. This term’s topics are; Transformation, Freedom & Responsibility and Stewardship. Remember to create liturgies for your families and take a look at the word of the week 🙂



Continue to create things related to our topic on Minecraft, Scratch and continue your coding. Attached is your log in sheet.