Year 5 Hummus Making!

Last week, Year 5 had a sensational food tech lesson as we made scrumptious hummus! Firstly, we
 taste tested hummus on carrots, cucumber and pitta breads. 
We found some ingredients which we were going to add to make our hummus yummier. 
Then, we began to cook!

To make hummus:

·        7oz (200g) of chick peas

·        2 table spoons of lemon juice

·        1 crushed garlic clove

·        A pinch of salt

·        1 table spoon of tahini (sesame seed paste)

·        4 table spoons of water

·        2 table spoons of olive oil

·        1 table spoon of paprika

We were split into groups and we each had a turn to adapt our groups’ humus. 
Some ingredients that we could add include: hot pepper sauce, tomato puree and pepper.
One group made their hummus very spicy by adding lots of hot sauce. 
Once everyone had completed their hummus, we were given carrot sticks, cucumber sticks 
and pitta bread to taste our delicious dip. This lesson was incredible (so was the food)!

Words can't describe 'hummus' we loved this lesson! 

How would you adapt a hummus recipe?
What are the health benefits of hummus?


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