Year 5-Meet Amber!

Hi Year 5, I hope you’re all having a lovely time at home – I’ve loved hearing from you on the blog!

I have some exciting news to share with you…..I have a new puppy called Amber!

She is an Irish Doodle (Irish Setter and a Poodle) and she is keeping me very busy at home! She’s learnt how to wait for something and I’m now working on the command ‘sit’.

I thought it would be a wonderful opportunity for you to do some writing about Amber by commenting on this blog or writing at home. Some suggested activities are:

  • Write a description of Amber using powerful vocabulary
  • Write instructions on how to care for Amber.
  • Write a non-chronological report about dogs/Amber.
  • Tell me about your pets at home or your favourite animals!
  • Create a story that involves Amber the dog.
  • Suggest some powerful vocabulary to describe Amber.




  1. One day, I went to the pet shop and seen a lovely dog for sale. Her name was Amber and she had brown cuddly and fluffy. I decided to buy her and get some things for her. Moments Later, I read a book on how to care for her. It said that the things you will need for a dog is…
    . Blanket
    .Dog Food
    .Dog Treats
    . A bed
    . Stuffed animals
    . Dog shampoo
    . Dog Pee Pads
    So that’s what I brought. I have never had a dog like her, she was loving and always wanting bones. Some dogs are very bad but some isn’t. I was lucky to get amber as a lovely, kind dog.

    • Oh I agree it Is so adorable!
      Amber is a fluffy curious and adorable little puppy!
      To care for a Amber you would need to give it:
      A bed
      Clean water
      A Brush to groom her fur regularly
      A Lead to walk her
      A collar (incase she got lost)
      A bath to wash her
      A big garden with some grass so she can explore
      And lots and lots of love

  2. I like the name.
    She is so cute!
    I have written a story about a boy who finds amder and descovers she is a magical dog

  3. There I was sat in the kitchen waiting for an owner to pick me up. Suddenly, somebody came into the door and they picked me up and called me Amber this was my new name. She picked me up and took me outside, then I saw something with four wheels I was a bit scared because I had never been here before, but I didn’t care about it because I was wrapped up in a nice warm blanket. Subsequently, I entered a strange place I didn’t know what it was until I realised it was a house. A couple of weeks later I learnt some new things and that was to sit and wait when I was told to. I settled into my new home and garden and I really enjoyed living here.

  4. Tell me about your pets at home or your favourite animals

    I have a pug at home called Monty and he is an energetic type dog but the most annoying thing is not just because he doesn’t listen, he…malts everywhere it is the hardest thing to clean out of this entire house. What’s that about? Well actually it isn’t my dog it’s my Dad’s dog that he got just before his birthday and is my favourite animal.

    He wasn’t our dog to start with because my Dad’s auntie had him and didn’t have time to look after him so she gave him to us

  5. Awwww Amber is just the cutest thing I’ve seen I love her so much. I have always wanted a dog any dog! Miss Andrew when we get back at school please bring it in! PLEASE! She is adorable! Can I ask, what breed is she?

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