Year 5 Number Day

In Year 5, we embraced Number Day this year by rising to the challenges given by Miss Andrew with resilience, determination and enthusiasm.

We began the day by taking part in ‘Who Wants To Be A Mathionnaire?’, where the children battled against each other to win starts for their house teams. They were really tricky!

We then had a problem solving challenge to complete in pairs, where we had to guess Miss Andrew’s number using the clues given. We used different heuristics to reason and problem solve, ensuring we narrowed down the answer.

Can you have a go at solving these questions? Put your answers in the box below.


  1. I loved number day, it gave the little ones confidence in there numbers because some on in foundation said all the numbers up to 35 on number day.

  2. number day was really fun because we had challenging maths problems to solve and I really liked it when we had that assembly as yr6 did as Miss Lee waned and completed a timetables sheet AND we had to VS miss Ferrara.

  3. Number day was quite fun and educational; we did many things on that day such as answering challenging maths problems to challenging miss Ferrara to a contest where the all of year 6 would be split into their houses, they answer a times table sheet and find the mean score of each team to see who’s the overall winner.

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