Year 5 W/C 13th July


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On the prowl

Come and See

Look at the weekly planning sheet for the lesson and below are the resources.

The Beatitudes Explained: What Are the Beatitudes? | Beatitudes ...


Look at the weekly planning sheet for the lesson and below is your report sheet. I have added an example of a volcano report, so you know the formality of it.


  1. Clay Candles (My Story)
    An entrance to an immense black cave, lit by a dim melting candle light. An inky black maze of slippery paths. A lair like a silent screaming mouth.Procrustes. Vast,towering shuttle homes hanging like colossal stars with holographic elisions such as golden rosy trees and scented grass and even a silver birch wood porch. The homes were all modern unique shuttles except for one- Procrustes the clay candle maker; Most People go in but none come out the only things that do are clay candles. Question time: Why does he not live in a shuttle? What are the candles made from other than clay? Who works for him surely he can not work by himself with all those candles? When they all fall to sleep where do they go? LUCKY IS UNLUCKY. Lucky was only 7. A small mischievous annoying seven year old. In “classified” (there town) it was always snowing it gave classified a cold snowy blanket that stretched across the whole of there town.He had not seen any other children in this town except him so far but did have a faint memory of some. Where had they gone? or was it his imagination? Lucky was not sure but what he id know was that he was bored.He decided to look around. Perhaps he would find some children there? He passed tourist shops and deserted cafes wondering why on earth they looked so empty. Then Behind dense mossy vines swaying gently in the frosty air was a black powdery chalk board. And a chipped dirty grubby white chalk that supposedly was used by the children before him..He recognized these names of the children he had once seen them on missing posters…the ones that were right under his nose! They were tattered and abandoned and flapping madly in the cool breeze. He did not pay much attention to there warnings and evil gestures he picked up the dejected chalk and began to write his name “Lucky”. He happily strolled of in and out of the cobbled stone paths. He stopped suddenly. Because he had seen a flicker of light dance around in the corner of his eye,the flickering stopped as fast as it had started. As lucky turned around curiously, he noticed a newly built shop that said “Crusty’s Dolls” He stumbled inside and as he did he observed a shelf with a doll but not just any doll a doll that looked exactly like him in his blue snow coat flecked with tiny bits of ice and his long blonde hair with his face that looked like it had been spray painted with Cheetos. He stared at in awe because underneath was a silver piece of card that said embroiled in gold was his name! It was meant for him he tentatively reached out and touched and….BOOM! he felt himself he was he was not HE was not okay his doll was he had turned into a doll! Procrustes rose from his chair and grinned madly “lucky the unlucky” he announced “shall now work for me.

    • Wow Cassie, this is brilliant! I love your use of powerful vocabulary: immense, vast, holographic, tattered and tentatively. You really built tension by using short sharp sentences. I really like that you used semi-colons and parenthesis. This is a really good story, well done Cassie 🙂

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