Year 5 W/C 15th June

Hello! I hope you had a lovely weekend and enjoyed getting outside, despite the weather. Below is this week’s learning pack. Please remember that if you have any queries or need support, please email Mrs Shakh or comment below. If you require a paper pack of the home learning to be delivered, please let Mrs Shakh know.

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This week’s maths lessons are White Rose Maths. Follow the link to the website, where you can watch the tutorials of how to complete this stand of maths.

Come and See

This week’s RE lesson is about Saul transforming into Paul. Take a look at the weekly plan to find out the lesson structure and below are the resources needed to complete it.


For the activities, look at the weekly plan and you will need the Oddizzi website. Below is the template for the leaflet.


For the activities, look at the weekly plan. Below are the documents and worksheets required.


  1. Twilight means dim light from the sky just after sunset.
    Mowgli gazed at down into the man village lit by twilight as he wondered what it was like down there.
    Solemnly to have a formal manner.
    The unpredictable black panther stared down at Mowgli solemnly.
    Beckoned a sort of gesture – gesturing someone over to you.
    The crafty tiger gestured the small wolves over.
    Scolded means to speak angrily to someone.
    The huge brown bear scolded Mowgli for not remembering his lessons.

    • Hi Cassie, I love these sentences and the additional powerful vocabulary you have chosen to use! My favourite words are: unpredictable, gesture, crafty and gazed. You have used each word correctly – well done ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Twilight: A dim light at sunset or sunrise. As he gazed dreamily towards the dimly lit twilight sky, men ploughed the fields as rain lightly danced onto my shoulders.

    Solemnly: To be serious and dignified. Solemnly, the priest looked down at Mowgli, “Take him in, for he is a wolf-child but he has un away from the jungle.”

    Beckoned: To ask someone to come closer. Messua beckoned Mowgli to come closer and into the village, knowing where he was, but not what to expect.

    Imitate: To copy someone or something else’s actions. Mowgli imitated every word and action the villagers made but still obeyed the law of the jungle.

    Scolded: To shout at someone. The priest fiercely scolded Mowgli whilst he gazed at the church ceiling.

    • Hi Gwen, well done for finding out the definitions. I love your sentences and you’ve used the vocabulary well. I particularly enjoyed reading your sentence using solemnly using an adverb. You have also used great vocabulary throughout such as gazed, ploughed and fiercely! Well done Gwen ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. 1) Mowgli gazed at the twilight as it went all the way down
    2) The wolves didnโ€™t eat their dinner solemnly
    3) The leader of Wolves beckoned to Mowgli
    4) Meaning not found immate
    5) Shere Khan scolded to his friends

    • Hi Cole, thank you very much for your sentences – I particularly enjoyed sentences 3 and 5. Just check your first sentence, twilight is not a noun so cannot have the determiner ‘the’ before it. Twilight is a time of the day / setting. My sentence is: Mowgli gazed deep in to the dense jungle as twilight approached. Can you tell me another?
      Miss Andrew ๐Ÿ™‚

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