Year 5 W/C 1st June

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Hello Year! I hope you’ve had a fantastic half term enjoying the sunshine. Attached are this week’s lessons ๐Ÿ™‚

Weekly Plan


This week’s maths lessons are from White Rose and you can watch the video tutorials on their website. I have also set extra activities on Education City.



This week’s science lesson is number 4 in the sequence. If you have not yet completed the previous sessions, you must do them first as you will find this lesson a bit tricky!


You are going to create your own volcano drawing in the style of Edvard Munch. See the weekly plan for more details ๐Ÿ™‚


We are going to look at our new topic ‘Freedom and Responsibility’ by exploring Moses’ journey to setting the Israelites free and receiving the 10 Commandments. See the weekly plan for more detail.


  1. Clouds enveloped the blue sheet. The island In the sky like the hallelujah mountains float. The sapphire sky was like crystallise diamonds. The Jade trees were like crystallised canopies. Calmly the trees swayed in an unfamiliar motion the trees cleaned as the wind whistled by. The mountains were like white rocky road. As the mountains were frozen in time, the birds sang in synchronised harmony. As soon as we arrived we knew it was paradise.

    As we floated through space we looked through the window and saw a heavenly paradise. Suddenly a red light in our spaceship started to flash non-stop. In the blink of an eye Iโ€™ll ship started to plummet down to the ground as the rocket dodged the floating isles that cleared the path.

    When we crashed, the aircraft broke into pieces that was scattered around the planet. We were injured terribly so we used our survival skills to heal up. There there we were Set on a mission trying to find a missing parts to our shuttle

    My sister and I separated to look for the missing pieces. I travelled to Pleasant Park and asked door-to-door if they had seen or heard a loud bang luckily the seventh floor down responded yesI actually picked it up and gave it to him hope you have a good look for your adventures Iโ€™m heading to Paradise Palms and gives him a shovel to help and he heads on his way a few hours later he arrives at Paradise Palms and sees a white shine in the ground and uses his shovel to dig out the piece and then had to lazy lake when he gets there he sees the girl on the floor and wonders to her after a few minutes she wakes up and screams. She said the last piece is in the agency there They rushed over to Agency not realising it was a tiger infested forest we slowly crept forward getting closer to the Tigers Minus the tiger King jumped out and was about to eat it!

    But then we broke up…

    • Hi Logan, what wonderful imagery you have created! I love your simile comparing the mountains to rocky road (my favourite!). Have a look where some commas are needed at the beginning of your sentences. Well done Logan, this is brilliant ๐Ÿ™‚

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