Year 5 W/C 22nd June




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Come and See



  1. 1) Shere Khan wasn’t ashamed to kill d Mowgli
    2) Shere Khan was one of the most savage in the jungle
    3) Shere Khan had a legion of plans to keep ll Mowgli
    4) All the wolves had the same regiment
    5) Mowgli was playing in the mud until he got floundered in it

  2. Ashamed = disappointed in you or someone else
    Mowgly was ashamed of himself for taking a deadly thing that could have killed many people out into the wild
    Savage= Someone or something that I’d violent
    Sheer can was a savage and unforgiving tiger who wanted to find mowgly the man cub
    Legion=a group of people who are armed
    The legion of wolves separated due to the fir mowgly had set
    Floundered to stumble in aflaily way
    Mowgly floundered d along the path because of the heavy anchor

  3. Ashamed: embarrassed or guilty of one’s actions
    I was ashamed that I lost a game of football.

    Savage: Fierce, violent animal
    Shere Khan was a savage tiger.

    Legions: a division of the ancient roman army
    The romans had a legion of men.

    Regiment: a permanent unit of an army
    There were two regiments fighting.

    Floundered: struggle or stagger clumsily in mud or water
    Fred was floundered at the forest.

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