Year 5 W/C 29th June



If you don’t have the equipment to complete the above activities, below are some alternative activities and you can also go on TTRS, Mathletics and Education City.

Come and See




On BBC iPlayer, there is a series called ‘The Planets’ which has been created by Professor Brian Cox. It is a great watch and it teaches you about each planet in our solar system!

Also, on BB4 this week there was a documentary all about Ancient Greece! It told you about Parthenon, the voting system and the Persian Battle. It is on BBC iPlayer and is called ‘Ancient Invisible Cities: Athens.


  1. 1) Mowgli’s companion was balloo the bear
    2) Mowgli wasn’t very cultivated as he didn’t go to school
    3) Mowgli wasn’t very happy when he had to go to the splendid man village
    4) Mowgli was very sorrowful when he had to leave the jungle
    5) When Shere Khan visited Mowgli it was peculiar that he didn’t kill him

  2. Companion=friend or person that you spend most time with.
    Mowglys companion was bageera however he had not come with him on his venture due to him lacking strength.
    Cultivated=used or educated for something specific.
    Mowgly has been cultivated to being a wolf forever until now.
    Splendid=good or amazing.
    It was splendid I that he had found a man Village that would take him in.
    Sorrowfully=full of sorrow or sadness.
    Mowgly felt sorrowful for baggeera.
    Perculiar= something strange or specific.
    There was something perculiar about this piece of land.

  3. Mowgli, who was sorrowful for leaving the jungle, was being hunted
    Mowgli, who happy in the jungle, loved the animals.
    Annoyed ,angry and cold minded Shere Khan hunted Mowgli.

  4. My Come and See
    Freedom is not always a positive thing because to much freedom can lead to bad descicions being made,like in the Prodigal Son. Where the son goes off and foolishly spends all his money in one go, this was because he had to much freedom. However, freedom can be good because it gives people who have never been free a chance to be themselves. I represent this with the scripture of the Pentecost, the disciples even without Jesus were now free because they knew that the Holy Spirit was with them every step of the way.

    • Hi Libby, it’s lovely to read some come and see work! Well done for seeing both sides of the argument and using scripture to support your ideas. It’s a tricky skill and you have done it wonderfully. Well done 🙂

  5. Here is English task 2 from charlotte

    Relative clause – mowgly, who felt sorrowful for bageera, walked beside him slowly.
    Modal verb – it is possible that we could find a man Village that would take him in and if we did, that would be splendid.
    Sorrowful, perplexed and lost – what would they do?

  6. Mars Achieved

    1. The phrase eye watering lay bright means that it was really bright and if you looked straight at the sun it would make your eyes water.
    3. Tend
    4. That the ground was chalk like and red also that it flaked like powdery chalk.
    5. Gently, carefully, cautiously

    I – The way the character feels about living on Mars is that they are bored. The text states ‘you have no doubts you’ll die here too, probably of boredom’
    E – First Person, makes you feel like it is happening to you or you are there on Mars.
    R – MarsAchieved Facility
    I – because everything is too silent and the text states ‘normally several of the farmers are wandering about at this time tending to their crops’

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