Year 5 W/C 6th July


I can’t wait to read your stories!


Take a look at the weekly planning and below are the sheets. Remember, there is also TTRS, Mathletics and Education City.

Come and See

Take a look at the weekly planning and use the resources below. You can also make a liturgy using the word of the week.


We are continuing to learn about volcanoes and earthquakes. Take a look at the weekly plan for the lesson and below are your resources.


Complete the space and forces lessons on Education City. Below are some extra space activities for you to complete.


  1. 1.There are 365 1/4 in a year or 366 in a leap year.
    2.Without the earths gravity there would be no way to live.Not even animals, insects or plants because there would be nothing to pull them down to the ground.
    3.The ozone layer protects us from the sun’s lethal rays of light.
    4.False because planets do not move towards the sun they go around it but we get warmth because the angle the earth is at the sun hits us more
    5.The only place on earth that doesn’t experience seasons is the equator is because it is in the centre of the planet so it always gets the sun and heat.
    The sun provides us with light and warmth making the earth orbit it because of its gravitational pull but without this the earth would pinto fast and no life would exist

    Leap years or created to combine all the quarter years together

    The closest word to the phrase “rotate around” is orbit

    The word that means deadly is the word lethal

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