Year 5 W/C 8th June 2020

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Come and See


  1. The villages favourite dish was sambhur. The. Doe hopped away before Akela could kill it. Noisily the wolfs bayed waking up the mischievous monkeys. Baghera felt pity for Mowgli and spoke for him. “Hark to thou self!” raged Shere Khan angrily.

      • Noisily,the wolfs bayed waking up the mischievous monkeys. I think that although would fit instead of however in my letter and I don’t think because should be included.

  2. 1)The pack of wolves bayed as loud as thunder.
    2) When the animals came back from hunting they returned to their lair.
    3) Mowgli admired that his friends would keep him safe from Shere Khan .
    4) Shere can was pityful that he didn’t capture Mowgli.
    5) Mowgli’s friends were earnest about Shere Khan.

  3. 1 As the wolf bayed, Mowgli ran towards him.
    2 In his lair, he waited.
    3 Mowgli and the wolves were earnest about beating Shere Khan before he could execute his evil plan.
    4 Baloo admired Bagheera’s love for Mowgli
    5 Baloo’s voice was full of pity, he knew how much Bagheera loved Mowgli.

  4. 1.Scour: To clean or brighten the surface with something
    Mother wolf scoured the surface of the table with stray dish rag.
    2.Thickets: A dense group of bushes or trees
    The wolf cubs hid in the thickets, and sniggered as the wolf pack couldn’t find them.
    3.Bayed: When a dog or wolf barks or howls loudly
    Shere Kahn bayed loudly as he landed in the fire.
    4.Lairs: A place where a wild animal lives
    Mowgli cowered into the wolf’s lair as Shere Kahn came strolling by.
    5.Faugh: Expressing disgust
    Shere Kahn faughed over Mowgli’s arrival .

  5. 1) Doe: Doe has the same meaning of a female deer.
    2) Belled: Having a bell or bells.
    3) Bayed: A deep or low growl.
    4) Gore: To cause an injury with tusks or horns.
    5) Earnest: to show sincerity.


    1) Mowgli strode through the dense jungle with Baloo, Bagheera and Akela behind him.
    2) Bagheera shouted, “When you have finished with your bananas Baloo, please put them into the rubbish pile!”
    3) “Can we go and play in the lake after we have finished our dinner?” asked Mowgli.

    • Well done Merex, I love your sentence ‘Mowgli strode through the jungle’ and your correct use of speech. Maybe you could use some of these in your writing this week!

  6. (English writing up persuasive letter)
    I am writing to you because I want to persuade you that Mowgli should return to the man village.

    I strongly believe that Mowgli must return to the man village because however his friends have protected him from harm the can not defend him from the wretched and hateful tiger Shere Khan. This murderous cat is roaming in the shadows lurking within the dense trees ready to pounce and strike at any moment Mowglis guard is down. This helpless 10 year old boy is struggling and if he dies it is your fault. Would you really deny help to that helpless boy?
    Some suggested that Mowgli is raised by the wolves living in the jungle and it is them who protect him. How can we rely on these ridiculous rumours? This defensless boy is only a child who is guaranteed to be dead if you do not help him now.

    Moreover, he is more adventurous and more curious every day that passes and how will wolves handle this? As well as this he has never socialised with his own kind and he has only had conversations with baying wolves. Who would you be to prevent him from this experience?

    It is clear that he should return to the man village for his own safety and he needs to be with his own kind. We can not risk his life.

    • Hi Cassie! I love your use of wretched, lurking, dense and pounce! In the sentence ‘I strongly believe that Mowgli must return to the man village because however’, I don’t think that ‘however’ works – could you change it to something else? You have used good formal language and your rhetorical questions make your argument very emotive. Well done Cassie 🙂

  7. I am writing to persuade you that Mowgli should not remane in the jungle and must return to the man village.

    I propose that Mowgli must return to the man village, because although the animals (bagheera Baloo and Akela) have protected Mowgli, Shere Khan ( a savage, menacing tiger) is seeking the death of the young boy. I strongly suggest that Mowgli abandons the jungle because whithout a boubt, Shere Khan is currently proudly prowling the dense jungle, eager to pursue revenge on the defenceless boy and will soon kill him. If you let this happen, then it will be on your conscience.

    Some say that Mowgli is well looked after by the animals, however explores have discovered that panthers, bears and wolves are vicious animals, that stack smaller animals and humans. How can we trust that these creatures will not attack Mowgli? Some have suggested that the animals will protect Mowgli from Shere Khan. How can we guarantee this. If you do not send Mowgli to the village, if you let him be attacked the you would bo heled gily.

    Moreover, Mowgli is aging up and becoming more adventures, which the animals cannot control any more. Shurly, it is natural for a boy to socialise which others. Who are we to stop this? How can Wolfe show Mowgli how to act like humans? Imagine if you had never had a conversation with a human, only animals. How can we prevent Mowgli from having this experience?

    It is clear that Mowgli should return to the man village with his own kind and leave his jungle life behind. He must be protected at all costs and the only way of securing his safety against Shere Khan, it to remove him from all of the danger. Mowgli’s life is at risk and we must not allow this to happen.

    • Hi Lenny, what a fantastic piece of writing! You have used great formal adverbials and a wide range of punctuation. I like your use of parenthesis to describe Shere Khan and your rhetorical questions that create an emotional response from the reader. Well done, you should be really proud of this 🙂

  8. The wolves thought Mowgli was I accommodating to the pack.

    Mowgli bellowed at the cubs as they played together

    Shere Khan has no solemnly to anyone but himself

    Mowgli calmly gazed at the twilight as he thought about how he would act if he was at the man village.

    Mowgli tried to imitate the wolves but couldn’t get it right.

    • Hi Rosie, you have chosen some great vocabulary. I really like your use of bellowed – I can imagine Mowgli being really cross ha! Just check your sentence using twilight. Twilight is not a noun, so you can’t use the determiner ‘the’ before it. My sentence is ‘As twilight approached, Mowgli calmly gazed across the stream and thought about how he would act if he was in the man village’. Miss Andrew 🙂

  9. Meaning!
    bayed:a deep, prolonged howl, as of a hound on the scent.
    lairs:a den or resting place of a wild animal
    bellow:o emit a hollow, loud, animal cry, as a bull or cow
    doe:the female of the deer, antelope, goat, rabbit, and certain other animals.d:
    thickest:composed of or containing objects, particles, example: close together

  10. I am writing to persuade you that mostly should return to the man Village.
    I think that mowgly should go back to the jungle because if the humans find him they could find us and then they could hunt us down which would be a big risk to the wolf clan.
    Another reason for him to go is that she can an unforgiving tiger has changed his hunting ground and it is a big risk for him to stay because he could get killed.
    However he is getting older and more adventurous rand we can’t control that however it is better for a young boy to be free and independent rather than stuck in a Village.
    After all I think that mowgly should go back because it is very dangerous for a man cub to be out in the jungle.

    • Hi Charlotte 🙂 Thank you for your work, you have used great fronted adverbials! Just check your modal verbs, it should be showing certainty rather than possibility. I like you adjectives too, especially ‘unforgiving’!

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