Year 5

A warm welcome back to the Year 5 children and parents. This year we will be saying I Will to everything we learn at BRW through our metacognition strategies.

Year 5 made some excellent progress in Autumn and should be extremely proud of everything they accomplished. I hope you are now ready to push yourselves even further, as we continue to explore in Spring Term.

The Greatest Show on Earth: How did 19th Century America Shape the World?

This term in History we will be looking at the Slave Trade during the 1800’s within North America using historical enquiries to gather information, look at where it sits within British history and the cause and effect it had on countries/people. Within this, we will explore how P.T Barnum supported the abolition of slavery in the 19th Century. Through Geography we will compare Tourism in Nottingham and New York City, looking at how it has changed and using maps to identify key changes in the cities layout for tourism.

Through our Science topic, we will be investigating how materials are classified. We will discover why solutions are soluble/insoluble and which are reversible/irreversible through lots of experiments.

In DT, we will be making our own circus diorama’s and in art we will create our own circus art based on Henri Matisse. We will also begin our Life Skills lessons this term, including a drugs awareness session.

Come and See

Children will firstly begin their topic of Mission, where they will explore their mission in life, with inspiration from Jesus and his disciples.

They will then learn about ‘Memorial Sacrifice’; looking at the incredible sacrifice Jesus made for us through the Eucharist.

After, we will lead up to Lent through our topic of ‘Sacrifice’, looking at Jesus’ ultimate sacrifice and how this affects Christian’s lives.


  1. But the summer term is the last term! I’ll really miss Miss Cotter! But this is the last term, we have to make the best out of it with Miss Cotter! WE CAN DO THIS!

    • She is the best teacher ever. She helps children if they struggle,encourages pupils to become more interactive with the world, is an inspiration to us all, can feel from the pupils’ point-of-view, sorts out any troubles, gives us prizes: I could go on forever…

      • I really do agree with you Methmi! Miss Cotter will always be PHENOMENAL! She will always be in the memory of our minds of our class!

  2. Miss Cotter, the quote you put above:”This is my year” means a lot to me. This year, in Year 5, I feel like I have accomplished more achievements than ever before. I feel like you have inspired me to make this year the best I can before going into Year 6, where I will have to work very hard.

    • So, thank you for all you have done for me, whether I liked it or not, because you did it to make good. Thank you for being a good friend and teacher.

  3. Thank you Miss Cotter for everything you have done for us. We can’t have come this far if it wasn’t for you!

  4. I am having so much fun in year 5 , I am really enjoying our science lesson : we are testing egg shells in different liquids which are coke, black current ,bitter lemon, water ,orange juice and tea. The grossest one is tea because it is mouldy a spotty .Miss Cotter is the best teacher ever!

  5. This year is going to be a year to remember. It is so much fun in year 5, I am ready for this adventure in Year 5

  6. I am thoroughly enjoying year 5. We have already learned so much, such as, how Henry VIII mastered his monarchy, we also read the book Treason which I found very interesting. I am also really enjoying our current topic about the ancient Greeks. We are learning so much about how they lived in the past.

  7. This my 3rd week of home school and I am learning new skills. Like preparing meals for my family, cleaning and keeping my room tidy, washing and ironing clothes. I start my day with a Joe Wicks workout and I do some english and maths tasks.Then after lunch, I practice my front and back flips on the trampoline. In the afternoon, I do some art work like creating different patterns. After all my work is done I keep in touch with my friends online.

    Missing my friends and teachers at school
    (Well done to the teachers who are at school we all appreciate it.)


  8. Hi πŸ‘‹ everyone. Hope you are well.
    I’ve been doing lots of things like baking brownies , doing lots of art inspired by other artists, I’ve even continued doing my kilometre a day and I’ve made a schedule of what I am going to do every day. My favourite thing I have done so far is paint a picture of some tulips 🌷 and my mum has emailed it to school so you can see.

    • Hi CharChar, it’s Imogen, I have been doing lots of art too, I have also been doing lots of gardening so I really like the idea of painting tulips, I think I am going to give that a try and paint some of the flowers in my garden.

    • Cool I would love to bake brownies charlotte but I am not exactly the best baker. The tulip work sounds awesome and im glad your not painting on the tulips though! Me and my mum made a delicious lemon cake but it got a tiny bit burnt!
      Cant wait to see you again Imogen and charlotte! cassie

  9. Hi everyone, it’s Imogen, I am missing you all, I have been enjoying watching the Blessed Robert YouTube Channel, I have made an eco poster, I have done lots of gardening, I have been enjoying online dance classes, and have been doing a lot of creative drawing, I even made my very own vending machine and it works! I will try and take some photos to show you all. I can’t wait to see you all soon.

  10. Hiya everyone its Katie, i am really missing you all and when quarantine has ended then i cant wait to see you in class with all our Blessed Robert Staff! The things i have been doing is: doing home school work (for 1 hour or more), Singing to my fishes, Created an eco poster (thanks for the idea Imogen), Spent time with family, Playing with my mums key worker children (so there not bored), got the house done and decorated, Clean my room, Packed my bags for school, Learnt how to cook easy things and made lots posters for the whole class on washing our hands for 20 seconds and staying indoors! Im really missing you all! Please stay safe and remember us all! Bye xx

    • By meaning “poster for the class” i mean like one poster in the class for EVERYONE to look at (could go on the door or on a wall in our class room).

    • You have been super busy Katie at home! It sounds like a lot of fun and I’m so glad that you’ve remembered to keep the Eco message alive and strong. It’s great that you’ve continued to do work and made some time to have fun too. I’m missing you too!
      Miss Andrew πŸ™‚

  11. Here’s my semicolon sentence.
    Mowgly loved exploring the jungle; however other members of the clan resisted and stayed in the layer.

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