1. I am the evil threat.
    The one who destroys what is in its path.
    The shivers that overtake you’re legs.
    To me you will surrender.

    I will send huge storms.
    Of snow and sleet and rain.
    I created the clouds that hover over you.
    The storms will shiver down your veins.

    Not anyone, neither you.
    Can predict my huge awakening.
    I will show you what I feel.
    And I will tell you how this isnt frightening.

    Those I pressed before you.
    Stood bold and strong and not weak.
    But I ripped their souls away.
    And they prayed that I would go.

    But now you rise in hope to defeat me.
    There is no fear in you.
    It might be? We will see.
    You have overtaken your fright?

    • Wow George!
      I can tell from your own poem that you really understood the ‘story’ in ‘The Dreadful Menace’! You’ve used some incredible personification and alliteration. I really like your choice of the words ‘surrender’ and ‘awakening’.
      You’ve done a fantastic job!
      Miss Lee 🙂

  2. The awful threat

    I am the awful threat,
    The one who does the job,
    A slight quiver throughout my body,
    I am the enigma.

    I am the fear,
    Of the world and people,
    I made the mist in the sky,
    The gas as toxic as poison.

    Not you, nor any other,
    Knows when I awake,
    I will tell you when my next
    battle will commence,
    all hope you will survive.

    Those I struck before,
    Stood fierce, passionate and bold,
    But I took that away,
    You could not be saved.

    Now you stand strong,
    No fear of failure there,
    Could it be? Just maybe

    • Wow Leila! Your poem depicts the volcano as a true threat! I love how you’ve used ‘fear’ as a metaphor, and you’ve really made use of the word bank, especially the ‘toxic as poison’ simile. Superb use of strong language such as ‘commence’ and ‘enigma’, and ‘No fear of failure’ is a great line!
      Incredible poetry effort! Well done!
      Miss Lee

  3. I am the angry mountain,
    rumbling, grumbling deep inside the volcano’s stomach,
    bubbling as hot as the sun,
    I am the dangerous mountain, waiting to erupt.

    I will melt the earth around me,
    with my dangerous red, and deep orange evil threat
    I will spew red, hot molten lava to drown the land
    The rocks will hurtle through the air, falling everywhere.

    I control the stormy weather,
    As my thick ash clouds surround the land around me.
    Everywhere is filled with unbearable grey smoke
    My toxic poison will make you choke.

    It had no remorse what so ever
    the steaming, scorching, beast had awoken.
    With its dancing flames and toxic poison
    all that has left was the darkness, ash and ruin.

    • Amazing Ava! Your poetic description of a volcano makes it sound monstrous! You’ve used some superb similes (as hot as the sun) and some strong language: spew, molten, unbearable, hurtle.
      You’ve used some great personification strategies to: remorse, dancing, control.
      Fantastic poetry! Well done!
      Miss Lee
      P.S. Mrs Shakh will send your Mathletics login over 🙂

  4. I am the unbearable blast.
    The one who is scared of none.
    The fiery quiver upon your spine.
    I am the mystery.

    I will force Ashes on civilisations.
    Of fire,lava and magma
    I made the onyx ebony sky above us.
    The heat like the the core before.

    Not you,or any other.
    Can foresee my deadly quake.
    I will tell you when to run
    But not how far.

    Those who I smothered before you.
    Stood strong and courageous and bold.
    But I shredded their hopes and aspirations.
    Those hopes could not be rescued.

    But now you perch before me.
    No fear of fate.
    Could it be?Just maybe.
    You’ve overcome your anguish

    Your distress…
    I am your worst nightmare…

    • Well done, Aiden! Your language is very impressive: foresee, anguish, civilisations.
      Your use of poetic features paints an image of a truly ‘dreadful menace’.
      I love the fact that you’ve used some technical vocabulary too, from your geography learning e.g. core.
      A very exciting poem! Well done!
      Miss Lee

  5. I am the Mighty Mountain
    The one who will erupt
    My hot rock and lava
    Your life it will disrupt

    A dark cloud I will cast
    Lava trickling to the village
    My power and my shadow
    Cast greatly in my own image

    My Jellyfish like tentacles
    Streaming to take control
    You should run, you should hide
    For destroying your village is my goal

    Did you run, did you hide?
    Will it stop, I cannot guarantee
    Should I stop, should you be spared?
    Do deserve to live – you tell me?

    I see you all from my mountain on high
    Frightened scared and scattered
    Today I could let you live
    Why? Are you the people that matter?

    • Brilliant Aaron!
      Your rhyme throughout works perfectly! Your rhetorical questions really help the audience to understand what your ‘Mighty Mountain’ is thinking, and they create superb personification too. I really like the alliteration: scared and scattered and your simile that describes the flow of the lava.
      Well done – you are a poet!
      Miss Lee

  6. I am the feared menace.
    My task is far from done.
    The haunting chill upon your spine.
    Is created by terrain similar to mine.

    I will summon armies.
    Of heat, darkness and ash.
    I made the fiery skies overhead.
    The lava, the menace below.

    As toxic as poison.
    You can hear my rumbling noises.
    A town destroyed by the end of the day.
    This is fun game I like to play!

    I the angry mountain.
    Contain a fire spewing fountain.
    Dancing flame, fire and fury.
    Soon you will be running from me in a hurry.

    But now you stand before me!
    Devoid of all your senses.
    Could it be? Just maybe.
    I’ll let you have your day.

    • A great effort, Xander! You have magpied some excellent poetic features and adapted them to make them your own. Your personification of the volcano is really good – you give it terrifying human abilities, almost like it’s a living monster! Comparing an eruption to a ‘game’ in the eyes of this ‘monster’ is an impressive metaphor!
      I can see you have used rhyming couplets – I wonder if you can work out how this rhyme schema is different to the original one used in ‘The Dreadful Menace’?
      Well done again!
      Miss Lee

  7. I am the dreadful threat
    The one that destroys everything in its way
    The spectral shiver down your spine
    To me you will capitulate

    I will gesture tornados
    Made of sand, water and wind
    I made these clouds that hover you
    The wind like hurricanes below

    Not you or any other
    Can predict my evil awakening
    I will tell you what to feel
    So hope you will remain

    Those I persecuted before you
    Stood firm, fierce and bold
    But I ripped their souls into pieces
    They would pray for my angry wrath to go away

    But now you have worked up your courage
    No fear or anxiety here
    Could it be? Just maybe
    You have beaten, vanquished your biggest fright

    • Hello Dena!
      A great poetry attempt! Your first stanza is especially impressive – ‘spectral’ and ‘capitulate’ are very figurative word choices that hint at the ‘personality’ of this volcano. I really like the verb ‘vanquished’ and abstract noun ‘wrath’ too.
      Take a look at your second stanza – does it refer to a volcano, or is it more suited to a tornado?
      A super effort!
      Miss Lee

  8. The Volcano
    I am the gates of hell.
    The one who’s will is done.
    The blazing heat burning below.
    I am the conundrum.

    I will summon armies,
    Of rock and fire.
    I made the black smoke above.
    The molten magma.

    Like the color of an orange.
    It erupts with mighty force.
    I come and go leaving a dreadful mark on lives.
    Though life goes on,
    Memories fade.

    Powerfully standing before me.
    Fuming flames.
    Where could it lead.
    Some day you will have your day

    • Hello Christiano!
      Well done! What an impactful first line: The gates of hell! Your figurative language is very effective: blazing heat; dreadful mark; memories fade.
      I also really like the alliteration: molten magma, fuming flames.
      Could you describe the colour of orange in your third stanza using a comparison device (simile or metaphor)?
      A great poetry effort!
      Miss Lee

  9. I am the raging darkness.
    The one who stands in your way.
    The unbearable chill upon your bones.
    I am the peril.

    I can burn armies.
    Of rock and wind and snow.
    I made the smoke that blinds you.
    The magma like a river of evil.

    Not you, or any other.
    Can stop this dreadful fate.
    I will announce when towns burn.
    And I’ll decide how many.

    But now you face me with courage.
    No doubt or fear anymore.
    Could it be? Just maybe.
    You have faced your fear and fright?

    • Hello Ileana! It’s lovely to hear from you 🙂
      Wow! Your poem shows a lot of flair – I can tell the volcano subject has grabbed your attention!
      Superb personification and metaphor – these devices really paint the volcano as a living, breathing, dangerous being.
      I love the adjective ‘raging’ and your magma simile as well as the ‘chill upon your bones’ description.
      Super work!
      Miss Lee

  10. The fiery danger.

    I am the fiery danger.
    The one whose job just be done.
    The eerie tingle down your spine.
    To me you will deteriorate.

    I will assemble armies.
    Of lava, ash and rock
    May people underestimate me,
    How dare you to mock.I

    Not you, not any other,
    Can predict my explosive wake.
    I will tell you what to say.
    I hope you will for your sake.

    The people who I killed before you.
    Stood bold and proud.
    But I stripped their dreams away.
    My wrath you will bow to.

    But now you will rise.
    No failure there.
    Could it be? Maybe.
    You’ve overthrown your despair.

    • Hello Jessica!
      A great poetry attempt! ‘The eerie tingle down your spine’ is a very figurative description of feelings. Your ambitious word choices ‘underestimate’, ‘assemble’ and ‘deteriorate’ are very effective.
      You make the volcano sound terrifying!
      When you re-read, try to spot where some of the grammar might need tweaking:-)
      Well done!
      Miss Lee

  11. I am the vicious volcano,
    The one who never spares a soul,
    The eerie atmosphere envelopes you,
    I am the threat.

    I will prompt explosions,
    Of menacing lava and rocks,
    I made this killing machine,
    The lava as warm as the scorching sun.

    Not you, nor any other,
    Can predict when I’ll pounce,
    I will tell you where to hide,
    All hope you will forsake.

    Those I burned before you,
    Stood strong and attempted to resist,
    But I tore there souls away,
    Those souls couldn’t be saved.

    But now you rise in courage,
    No fear of what I can assemble,
    Could it be? Just maybe,
    You’ve conquered your fear.

    • Hi Emilio!
      This is a great poem! Your alliteration is very effective throughout. I can see you’ve definitely pushed to the best language: envelopes, prompt, menacing.
      Your similes have a very good impact, painting the picture for the reader; your metaphor of the volcano as a ‘threat’ or ‘killing machine’ really adds to the feeling of risk.
      Well done!
      Miss Lee

  12. In the darkness of night,
    there shone a bright light.
    The birds flew way up high,
    in the midnight sky.

    In the distance in the breeze,
    there stood the daunting trees.
    The leaves were glowing,
    as the deep orange fire was showing.

    The smoke traversing far,
    leaving danger everywhere like a scar.
    Hot lava flowing like a red river,
    It’s a big earth beast killer.

    The volcano top shone like a lighthouse,
    warning the wildlife even a mouse.
    Rocks and ash come shooting out,
    things will change forever without a doubt.

    • Hi Lydia!
      A good effort! Your use of adjectives and setting descriptions paint the picture of what it might be like to see a volcano. Your similes ‘like a scar’; ‘like a lighthouse’; and ‘like a red river’ are very effective, as is your metaphor that compares the volcano to a ‘beast’!
      I see you’ve used rhyming couplets – how is this structure different to ‘The Dreadful Menace’ poem’s structure?
      Well done!
      Miss Lee


    I am a powerful living,
    The one who envies love,
    My darkness covers all your light,
    You can’t even kill a dove!

    I will summon earthquakes,
    Of fire and rocks and wind,
    I made the heavy smaze ,
    Everything I can put wind.

    Not you nor any other,
    Can know when I explode,
    I will tell you how to react,
    My wrath could destroy more than a road,

    The ones I killed before you,
    Stood firm and bold and brave,
    But I had snatched their emotions,
    I say, no one could be saved!

    But now you stand before me,
    No weakness nor fear,
    Could it be? Just maybe,
    All your light is clear!

    • Hello Freya!
      Well done on your poetry attempt! You’ve tried really hard to rhyme it – a great go! And the volcano is personified really well in your poem. You describe how it ‘summons’, ‘envies’ and ‘snatches’. I think the metaphor of ‘darkness’ sums up the volcano’s personality really well!
      Check your use of ‘living’ as a noun – what else could be used instead? And when you re-read, where are some grammar tweaks needed?
      You did brilliantly!
      Miss Lee:-)

  14. I am the dreadful sight,
    The one who cares for none,
    The silent chill upon your neck,
    I am the danger that comes your way.

    I will summon fire to take over,
    Of smoke, gas and flames,
    I made the big explosion,
    I am as toxic as poison.

    Not you, nor any other,
    Can predict my frightful wake,
    I will tell you what to feel,
    All hope will forsake.

    The ones that came before,
    Stood firm and strong and brave,
    But I vanished those dreams away,
    Those dreams could not be saved.

    But now you stand before me,
    No doubt of any dismay,
    Could it be? Just maybe,
    I’ll let you have your day.

    • Wow Nima!

      A great poetry effort! I love your use of ambitious vocabulary such as ‘summon’ and ‘predict’.

      Your ‘silent chill’ metaphor and ‘toxic as poison’ simile are also effective, figurative devices!

      Well done!

      Miss Lee:-)

  15. I am the forceful threat.
    The one that blasts lava like a bomb.
    The fiery fury quiver down your spine.
    I am the angry mountain.

    I will erupt dancing flames.
    That will make a game.
    I made the smoke spew overhead.
    The ashes as toxic as poison.

    Not you, nor any other.
    Can make the monster’s mouth dismay.
    I will tell you when to stow away.
    And i’ll dictate how long.

    The ones that came before you.
    Stood strong and tough and vigorous.
    But I stole their dreams and hopes away.
    And I made their life turn grey.

    But now you stand before me.
    Free from all distress.
    Could it be?Just maybe.
    I’ll let you have your day.

    • Hello Leona!
      What a great poem! Your metaphor (angry mountain) and similes (blasts lava like a bomb; ashes as toxic as poison) are very effective.
      Your personification of the volcano is really good too: dancing flames, monster’s mouth.
      I’m also impressed you’ve attempted some rhyme in stanzas two and four. These are rhyming couplets. What rhyme schema does the original poem use?
      Well done!
      Miss Lee

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